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No description

blake west

on 24 October 2013

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Hercules` ultimate goal is to become a true hero so he can gain his immortality and return live with the gods and goddesses on Mt. Olympus (including his mother and father)
He is Assisted
~Phil and Pegasus assist Hercules on his journey to become a hero
~Phil trained him and Pegasus was just like his sidekick
Philoctets also know as Phil is Hercules` trainer and mentor
The Abyss
Meg who Hercules is madly in love with is crushed by a falling pillar that kills her
Hercules overcomes his misery of Meg`s death and puts those emotion toward Hades in The Underworld because he now has Meg`s soul
Emerges From Abyss Transformed
Hercules believes that if he goes into the Styx river then he will lose his strength and may even die so he decides to jump the river and save Meg himself
Hero Returns with a Gift
~Hercules returns to Mt. Olympus
~The gift is his immortality and he is able to live with his real father and Meg who is now a goddess

Before the Call
~Hercules lives in a town where everybody hates him because his super strength causes him to always destroy thing
~His Guardians are actually his adopted parents
The Call
~ Hercules` adoptive father gives him a "medallion of the gods" that he was wearing when his adoptive parents found
~This inflicts Hercules to find out where he came from and enters Zeus` temple for a sign and/or guidance
Threshold and Threshold Gaurdians
~ Zeus is Hercules` Threshold Guardian
~ Zeus tells Hercules that he is his son and to live with the god as he should then he must become a true hero
~Hercules is sent to Philoctetes to train
Zeus called him to the adventure
Phil the satyr trains Hercules to become a hero
Pegasus helps Hercules become a hero
Meg is loyal to Hercules but works for Hades
Hades is trying to kill Hercules so he cant become a true hero
Hercules is of course the hero
Achieves Atonement
~Hercules enters into the Styx and loses his strength and begins to die
~His willingness to die for Meg proves he is a true hero and he earns his immortality
His Way Isn't Clear
~Hercules knew his goal was to become a hero and gain his immortality

~Many different things got in his way such as persuading Phil to train him and even trying to win over the beautiful Meg who he feel in love with at first sight
Dangers and Challenges lead to Transformation
Hercules travels to Thebis which is a place that has many monsters and Hercules defeats them all including a Hydra, Minotaur, and huge Boar
Suffers a Wound
Hades recruits meg and trys to get her to turn against Hercules who eventually finds out but is stubborn and is still madly in love with her
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