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Vehicle Comparision


Desire' Dozois

on 24 November 2009

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Transcript of Vehicle Comparision

Vehicle comparison Charts Key Questions To limit my factor on the
biosphere I could pick a better
car to drive. I could also pick a
better hairspray. My hairspray is
extrmely bad for the environment. Diffrent cars can effect
the environment in
different ways like by
how much gas it uses.
Some cars can use gasses
that are good for the
environment. The factors you should look
for when buying a car is good gas
milage or low emissions. Sometimes
even find a car that can use diffrent gasses/ Dream Car My dream car would be a 1977 chevy malibu.
I know it cost alot and is bad for the evironment but
I love that kind of car. My mom's fiancee owns that kind of car
and we are fixing it up. Worst Best Car Trucks Suvs Dodge Avenger Hybrid-Prius Chevrolet Avenger Ford Avenger Ford Expedition Jeep Compass Excel Chart
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