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Women's/girls Fashion in (1558–1603 1564-1616)

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Josephine Nesmith

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Women's/girls Fashion in (1558–1603 1564-1616)

Women's/girls Fashion in (1558–1603 1564-1616)
Linen and wool-
Linen was made from the flax plant heavily felted

Upper Class
would wear a variety of clothes and jewels ,and they were generally the ones who wore the head gear, also wore makeup with extravagent colored clothes. The high class also wore this thing called a "hood" which was placed near the back of the head and was worn with a stiff base that was very close fitting kind of like a cap in a way. They layered clothing a lot, ruffles, hoop skirts, smocks, corset, they wore long dresses that covered their arms and legs.
Middle Class
Middle class: simpler version of the high class
less jelews and didnt wear makeup and generally kept the
colors to a minimum, and always used darker shades of
color on their clothes as accents. they also wore additional
hats and carried purses on special occations. The middle class also layered there clothing.
Peasant Class
Peasant class: they did have color at all, except browns,
bashes, whites and blacks, same style as the middle
class. yet they wore bonnets instead of anything fancy.The woman would wear a tight, blue, front-laced bodice with shoulder straps over a loose, square sleeved shift. In some pictures, we can even see the hem of the shift under her petticote, and would appears to be wearing only one.
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six interesting facts:
1) It was actually written in the law that women had to dress a specific way
2) It was also known that women of different classes (high, middle, low) wore differnt styles
3) all of the classes wore layered clothing.
4) high class wore nothing but extravagent colored clothing
5) all women had dark accent colors in their dresses
(it was considered unapealing not to have that)
6) hair styles are last but most important. middle class and lower class were the only ones that had to cover their hair to be paled
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