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Get the GIST

Megan Campos

on 3 May 2017

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Transcript of Summarizing

What is a Summary?
A Summary Should Include...
The main idea(s) of the reading selection

The most necessary supporting details or explanations

Only the information you have read

Objective and factual information from the reading

Transition words

Your OWN words and the use of paraphrasing skills
Do NOT Include...
Your opinion

What you think the author should have said

Unimportant details

Copied material or a string of quotes from the reading selection.
Why Write a Summary?
A summary requires a reader to think about the information he or she has read.
Self-monitoring comprehension - "Did I understand what I just read?"

Summarizing assists in comprehension as it requires the reader to condense information to its essential parts.
Main idea(s) and supporting details
Get the GIST
The reduction of a large amount of information to its most important points.

Often will consist of a main idea(s) and its major support details.

The length and kind of summary will depend upon one's purpose as well as the material.

A summary can be thought of as a study outline that is connected by sentences rather than numbers, letters, or indentations (standard outline format).
Self-Directed Questions For Writing a Summary
1. What is the topic of the text?

2. What point is the author trying to establish about the topic? What is the author's purpose?

3. What are some explanations (or proof) the author uses to support his main idea(s)?

**When written in sentences, the answers to these questions will become a summary in paragraph form.
Strategy for Summarizing
Get the
Cunningham, 1982

nteractions between
chemata and
Why Use It?
Helps recognize and focus on the important information in a text - main ideas and supporting details.

More efficiently write an organized, concise summary.

With shorter content, easier to study and memorize information.
Get The GIST
Gist - "The main or essential part of a matter" (Webster's Dictionary)
Let's Practice!
Look at the title of the passage
What do you already know about the topic?

Follow along and annotate as I read the first paragraph aloud.
Think about the 5W's and H
Whether to Vote: A Citizen's First Choice
Despite living in a culture that encourages participation, Americans have a woefully low voter turnout rate compared to other democracies. There are several reasons given for Americans' terribly low turnout rate. Probably the reason most often cited is the American requirement of voter registration. The governments of many, but not all, other democracies take the responsibility of seeing to it that all their eligible citizens are on the voting lists. In America, the responsibility for registration lies solely with the individual. If we were to be like the Scandinavian countries and have government take care of registering every eligible citizen, no doubt the turnout rate would be higher.

: Have low voter turnout

: During voting

United States

Requirement of voter registration

Voters have to register themselves
20 Word GIST

Americans have a low rate of voter turnout. One reason is because voters have the responsibility of registering themselves.
With a partner or small group:

Read and annotate paragraph 2
See if you can write a 20 word GIST for the paragraph
20 Word GIST

Another reason for the low turnout is Americans have to vote more often and for a variety of political offices.

Read and annotate Paragraphs 3 & 4
Write your 20 word GIST for each.
20 Word GIST (paragraph 3)
The consequences of which party wins in other countries is far greater than in America.

20 Word GIST (paragraph 4)

In the United States, voting during the week when most people are working may cause lower turnout rates.

Look over your GISTs from each paragraph.

Can you write a 20 word GIST for the
passage? (This is the goal!)
GIST of the Passage (Summary)

Americans have a low voter turnout rate due to voter registration, having to vote often, the amount of political parties and having to vote during the work week.
: Ch. 11 Definitions
Underline or highlight the context clues

Get the Gist
On the back, respond to the "Critical Thinking" questions.
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