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No description

abbie maree

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Psychology

Cognitive Development Is the development that deals
with how we use information
about ourselves and the environment
around us to make sense of our world.
Jean Piaget's theorize that we go
through four stages of Cognitive development. Stage 3 is from seven to twelve years old .This stage revolves around what they know and what they can experience through senses and conversation. Children understand that weight, mass, volume and area doesn't change if their point of view changes. For Example, if water is poured from a tall glass into a wide glass the amount of water has not changed. They can also classify objects into categories by their features. Pre-Operational Stage This stage goes from Two till Seven years old . In this stage a child is now becoming able to think and imagine things in their own mind. They learn to use words, symbols and pictures to represent places, events, objects, past experience ect. They also believe everything that exists has some kind of awareness and consciousness. Formal Operational stage Start at twelve year and continues thought out the rest of their life. The childs minds are now able to solve problem, think logically ,make plans and set goals. How well they can do these things can depend on how educated they are and their Experiences. The first stage is the Sensorimotor stage which is from birth to two years old. In this stage Infants gets their basic understanding of how the world works and how things fit into our world by using their senses. But they are not yet developed enough to know that if something is out of their sight it still exists.
Sensorimotor stage. One stage of lifespan development is Adolescence. Adolescence is the stage that goes from 12 to 20 years old. They're many important psychological and biological changes that occur between these ages. Their thinking becomes more sophisticated and logical as well as them acquiring important knowledge and understanding of the world around them . Other things like emotions and social features also change . This can lead to some bad decision making, mood swings and unnecessary risk taking. Major biological changes occur in this stage..... hormonal and physical which are caused by Puberty. Piaget's Four-Stage Theory. Jean Piaget was a Swiss Developmental Psychologist
and Philosopher. He was very well known for his
work on how children's intelligence develops.
The four stage theory is that we develop
our intelligence in four stages starting from birth. Concrete Operational stage. Stages of lifespan Development By Abbie Guy
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