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Historical Figures in Russia

No description

Gabrielle Weber

on 6 February 2018

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Transcript of Historical Figures in Russia

What to pay attention to....
Peter the Great
Vladimir Lenin
Mikhail Gorbachev
Ivan the Terrible
Peter the Great
Vladimir Lenin
Mikhail Gorbachev
Ivan the Terrible
Russian czar in the late 1600s

Wanted Russia to have a higher standard of living

Brought back ideas from traveling in Europe

Created a strong navy and army

Moved Russia's capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg
Peter the Great Westernized Russia by ______________________________________.
Wanted Communism in Russia
Exiled to Siberia for three years
Overthrew the last Tsar
Turned Russia into a communist country called the
Soviet Union
Was a leader of the Soviet Union
Made the Soviet Union more
Resigned the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War
in Russia
Ruled like an
absolute monarch
Ivan brought an Italian architect to Moscow to build churches.
Bellwork: Copy and complete in your ISN using the word box. (USE YOUR NOTES)
Russia was underdeveloped with a _________ economy, but developing with the _________. They are looking to be developed with a ________ economy.
Command Free Enterprise Traditional
Word Box
Josef Stalin
Leader of Soviet Union 1924-1953
the Soviet Union: built factories
Responsible for the deaths of over 20 million people (known as
Reign of Terror
Responsible for collectivism or collective farming
"Stalin was one of the most brutal leaders in world history. He had anyone that didn't agree with him killed. He also caused famines, starvation, in areas of the country so people he wanted dead would starve."
St. Petersburg
Based on the picture, why were the Mongols fierce warriors?
The Mongols were fierce warriors because ________________________________.
Underline bolded words!
What do we learn about Stalin from this quote?
When European culture in spread in areas, such as industry, technology, law, fashion...
Russia and the Eurasian Republics ¬ Historically, Russia was ruled by a monarch, but with a civil war in the early part of the 20th century, a communist government controlled the country for most of the 20th century. ¬ People were unable to emigrate because of the heavy-handed government and its power to keep people from leaving during both the Tsarist and Communist eras. ¬ The Russians gained control of the surrounding countries and either incorporated them into their empire (Central Asian republics) or dominated them politically (Warsaw Pact countries). ¬ After the Cold War, these small regions that had been under communist rule gradually gained their independence and are thus known as the Eurasian Republics (Latvia, Lithuania, etc.)
1206 - 1368
people of Mongolia
Fierce horseback warriors
They were
: they migrated to hunt for food
Answer the sentence stem after watching the videos

Something I found interesting about the Mongol Empire is ________________________________________________.
St. Basil's Cathedral ordered by Ivan the Terrible
Complete the sentence stem
Title a new page in your ISN
Russia History Pt. 1&2 2/5/18
Copy the three column notes in your ISN/note sheet
Watch the videos
Answer the sentence stems at the end of each section.
Student Expectation:

I will trace historical figures and events in Russia.
Something I learned about Stalin from this quote is _______________________.

_________ made the biggest impact on Russia because _________________________.

2) Was collective farming effective? Why or why not?

Collective farming was/was not effective because __________________.
The rest is for Tomorrows lesson
Glue your paper in your ISN
Answer the discussion questions in schoology
Collective Farming:
Farmers were ordered by Stalin to grow food for the population of Russia.
Write your answer on a post-it and post-it to the wall
The Cold War
Political tensions between the Soviet Union (Russia) and United States; threats,
no open warfare

Differences of opinion: Stalin believed his
unlimited communist
country was better than USA's
limited free enterprise

Stalin claimed countries that bordered Russia and spread Communism
Soviet Union and USA built nuclear weapons to to threaten each other.
Nuclear Arms Race:
Cuban Missile Crisis
Soviet Union had missiles at Cuba pointed at the US.
US. had missiles pointed back at Cuba
President John F. Kennedy issued a
Known as the
Cuban Missile Crisis
Berlin Wall
After WWII, Germany AND Berlin were split in half, East Germany and West Germany.
East Berlin

Soviet rule
West Berlin
was run by the
Allies (UK, France, USA)
United States war ships blocked Cuba from getting more Soviet missiles.
East Berlin
West Berlin
Discussion Question: CHOOSE ONE! Answer in your ISN and schoology
1) How did the Berlin Wall affect the people living in Berlin? (Level 1--find from video)

The Berlin Wall affected the people in Berlin because _________.

2) How was West Berlin different from East Berlin? (Level 2--consult videos/notes)

West Berlin was ____________. East Berlin was ________.

3) How is the Berlin Wall similar or different to the Wall President Trump is building? (You will need to research information on Trump's wall to answer this question.) (Level 3--research and form an opinion)

The Berlin Wall is similar/different to President Trump's wall because ______________.
Why do you think educational videos like this existed during the
Cold War?
Discussion Questions: Answer in your ISN and schoology
1) Who made the biggest impact on Russia? Why?
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