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Group 935

No description

Brian Cortina

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Group 935

From reports gathered by our agents, guests were bitten by an individual carrying the zombie virus during a Justin Bieber concert. Patient zero, as we have begun to call that individual, has gone of the grid leaving several people infected. These infected have gone on to infect others in their home regions. To make matters worse, lead expert on infectious diseases, Mariela Zombowski, became infected leaving behind half finished researched. For the past three days our analysts have been scrambling to complete it. Fortunately, we were able to complete it, here are our results.
80% Threshold
According to her note, if a region has reached its 80 percent threshold, it will be too dangerous for rescue efforts.
The Antidote
Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie
Alpha Beta Gamma Delta
Name 2.2^t 8.4^t/2 1.5^2t 1.1^10t
log (100) INE INE INE INE
log (113) 6DO INE INE INE
log (304) INE INE INE INE
log (304) INE INE INE 6DO
log (130) INE INE 6DO INE
log (593) INE 6DO INE INE
10 mcg/ ml= general irritability
50 mcg/ ml= headaches, muscle aches
100 mcg/ ml= upright, joint less walking
500 mcg/ ml signs of brain eating tendencies

Zombie population
Region Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Day6
Africa 12 86 675 5,128 48,304 524,397
Asia 15 1,302 7,155 48,332 5,132,030 661,735,513
Europe 16 975 9,448 67,219 9,432,030 467,373,274
Latin A. 4 32 194 2,890 46,240 2,097,152
and Carib
N. America 21 869 5,207 51,007 6,721,882 213,782,129
Oceania 8 564 4,300 61,449 6,549,214 25,429,504
Region Total Population 80% Threshold
Africa 1,022,000,000 817,600,000
Asia 4,252,000,000 3,401,600,000
Europe 732,000,000 585,600,000
Latin America 580,000,000 464,000,000
and Caribbean
N. America 351,000,000 280,000,000
Oceania 36,000,000 28,800,000
80% Predictive Model
Region Exponential Model 80% reached in...
Africa 1.575 x7.5^t 8.25 days
Asia 1.087x21.8^t 8.1 days
Europe .8945x24.3^t 7.28 days
Latin A. .6015x6.96 14.39 days
N. America 1.840x15.7^t 6.4 days
Oceania .4999x23.2^t 8.25 days
Growth Research
Zombie Zombie Zombie Zombie
Alpha Beta Gamma Delta
Z strand 2.2^2 8.4^t/2 1.5^2t 1.1^10t
Day1 2.2 2.89 2.25 2.59
Day2 2.84 8.4 5.06 6.73
Day3 10.65 24.35 11.39 17.45
Day4 23.43 70.56 25.63 45.26
Day5 51.54 204.5 57.67 117.39
Day 6 113.4 592.7 129.75 304.48
Zombie Zombie Zombie
Epsilon Zeta Eta
Strand 3.5 7.1 e
AOV 150 230,636 62
Equation 3.5^t=150 7.1^t=230,636 e^t=62
Days(DSN) 4 6.3 5.9
Day6 Day7 Day8
Zombie pop 293,752,650 789,300,000 6,283,000,000

Strategy Intensive Aggressive Aggressively I


Number of
days until
1000 people 29.37 days 78.2 days 62.82 days
Report Analysis
1000= 789,300,000-10,000,000^t
1000= 6,283,000,000-100,000,000^t
As seen by the data in the previous slide, the regions that should be helped first would be Northern America, Europe, and Asia. This being due to the fact that the 80% threshold will be reach in less than 8 days. The other regions which include Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Oceania can wait since they 80% percent mark will be reached after 8 days as seen in the previous slide. If the antidote is not ready within 48 hours the areas that should be under quarantine are N. America, Asia, and Europe once again.
Report Analysis 2
By observing 4 different zombie strands, researchers conclude that the fastest growing strand is Beta with strands Delta, Gamma, and Alpha close behind. For example on day 6, a person with strand Beta will have 500 mcg/ml concentration of virus which far exceed the current concentration predictions (only up to 500). We were able to figure this out bycreating an exponential equation which has the strand as the base, and t stranding for the number of days. For example for zombie Beta the equation is 8.4^t/2. We just plug in t which i mentioned before represents the number of days.
Report Analysis 3
The antidote can be created by turning the exponential growth function into a logarithim function. It is set up with the strand remaining the base, and in parentheses, the concentration of virus. As seen here log (593). To prescribe the right dosage, health care professionals must look at both the base, smaller number, and the parentheses. The small number identifies the strand and the number in the parentheses represents the concentration.They must refer back to the growth chart, since it counteracts 6 days, the antidote number with both the same base, and concentration in parentheses would be the cure.
Future Preperations
In order to prevent such a widespread outbreak from ever occuring again, is for governments to monitor its citizens health through mandatory checkups once every month. In addition to that, anyone suspected of having contracted again be immediately put into quarantine and given the antidote. Another safeguard would be the creation of a rapid response team who at a moments notice can drop into heavily infested zones to administer the antidote through special darts that have a certain amount of the antidote labeled on the front. Now, what are you waiting for, send your best men to the Group 935 training facility so we can begin an end to this menace.
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