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Trojan War: History vs. Hollywood

Similarities and differences between the history behind the Trojan War compared to the movie.

Bryce Vasko

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Trojan War: History vs. Hollywood

Trojan War: History vs. Hollywood By: Bryce Vasko History of the Trojan War Not much is actually known about the Trojan War. What we do know is that the war was between Greece and Troy over the course of about ten years, and at the end the Greeks win and burn Troy to the ground There is a lot of mythology behind the Trojan War, like the gods being involved in the war. There is also a lot of historical fiction written about the war. One of the most famous stories is the Iliad, which is one of Homer's epics. The Iliad tells us that the Greeks have a very powerful military that is led by Agamemnon, the King of Mycenae. The Greeks also have a great warrior by the name of Achilles who has majorly helped Greece conquer other nations. The Trojans are also a strong nation led by Priam and sons Hector and Paris. In the Iliad the war is said to be started when the army of Troy visits Sparta and Paris steals Helen from her husband Menelaus, King of Sparta. The War According to the Iliad The Iliad says that the war had originated from a quarrel between the goddesses Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite after Eris gave them the Apple of Discord marked "for the fairest." Paris judged Aphrodite as the fairest of the three, in return Aphrodite made Helen fall in love with Paris, which then led to Paris taking her from Sparta to Troy. Menelaus wanted Helen back so he went to Agamemnon and asked him to retrieve her for Menelaus. He agrees and this starts the conflict between the Greeks and Trojans. Das brennende Troja 1759 (The Burning of Troy)
by: Johann Georg Trautmann This is where historians think Troy was located which is now modern day Turkey. There are many other instances in The Iliad where gods/goddesses interact with humans. Like when Apollo sends a plague to a camp of Greek soldiers which then enrages Achilles. The war ends in the Iliad when the Greeks act like they're giving Troy a present, which is a giant Trojan horse, but instead the Greeks hide inside the Horse and attack Troy at night and burn the city. Also, Achilles dies at the end at the hands of Paris. Trojan War According to the Film Troy The movie Troy is about the Trojan War, but it is based on The Iliad minus the involvement of the gods/goddesses. Judgement of Paris 1904
by: Enrique Simonet The Abduction of Helen 1530-39
by: Francesco Primaticcio The movie starts with the Greek army standing across from the army of Thebes, Agamemnon and the King of Thebes meet in the middle and agree that their greatest warriors would fight and whoever loses would surrender to the other city. Thebes calls their greatest warrior first. He is a very large, intimidating warrior named Boagrius. Agamemnon then calls Greece's greatest warrior up and it is Achilles. But, he doesn't show up because he is still sleeping back at the camp. Achilles then hurries to his army, Agamemnon is displeased by Achilles' absence. Then the battle begins between Boagrius and Achilles. Achilles easily defeats Boagrius and Thebes submits to Greece The movie then cuts to Troy meeting with Sparta to talk about peace between Greece and Troy. It shows that Helen, Queen of Sparta, and Paris, of Troy. It then shows that Paris has taken Helen back to Troy with him. When Menelaus finds out that Helen is gone he goes to Agamemnon and he agrees to go to Troy to retrieve Helen. Then the Greeks get hundreds of ships and sail to Troy. The Trojans await the Greeks' arrival and prepare to fight them on the beaches of Troy. Achilles and his men are the first to reach Troy and they are able to defeat the Trojan's, and afterwards they destroy the Temple of Apollo. The war continues over the course of a few months. Hector eventually kills Achilles' cousin Patroclus which eventually leads to Achilles killing Hector. The Greeks eventually decide to fake surrender and give them a giant Trojan horse, but it actually contains the Greeks soldiers on the inside. The Greeks come out of the horse at night and attack Troy from the inside. They start to set the city on fire. Achilles then goes to find a woman he fell in love with named Briseis. When Achilles finds Briseis he sees that she has killed Agamemnon. They start to leave but then Paris discovers them and shoots Achilles with arrows until he dies. The movie ends with the Greeks winning the war, although Helen stays in Troy, and the burial ceremony of Achilles. Battle scene from the movie Troy. Trojan Horse from the movie Troy Analysis I think the movie did a good job of telling the story of the Illiad's historical parts rather than telling the story with the mythological parts with the gods. The only bad part about the movie, in my opinion, is I think the director focused more on Achilles than anyone else in the war.
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