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11.4 Renewable Energy Sources

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Katelynn Dorn

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of 11.4 Renewable Energy Sources

11.4 Renewable Energy Sources
Solar Energy
Every 15 minutes the earth receives enough energy from the sun to meet the energy needs of a whole year- CAPTURE IT!
passive system- house with windows facing towards sun
active system- solar collector leads to water in pipes, provides heat and hot water
photovoltaic cells- converting sunshine directly into electricity- calculators/clocks/houses
Geothermal Energy
water in earth's crust, flows through rock that is heated by magma
steam that results is a source of heat energy
drill wells to reach the hot water
can drive turbines to generate electricity
80% of homes in Iceland are heated by geothermal energy
San Francisco- geothermal power plant in mountains
Energy from Running Water
hydroelectric energy
hydroelectric power plants- 11%
dams hold back running water and channel it through plant
force of water spins turbines of electrical generators
Energy from Tides
tides- water moving in towards and away from shore
high tide- water reaches highest point along shore
low tide- lowest point
dams trap water at high tide and release it at low tide
Energy from Wind
small wind-driven generators can meet some energy needs of homes
wind farms- meet energy needs of communities
cannot always be depended on as an alternative energy source
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