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The Battle of the Atlantic

No description

Erika Salim

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of The Battle of the Atlantic

The Battle of the Atlantic

By: Tuan & Erika Who? When & Where? What? The battle of the Atlantic was between
Britain, Canada and the United States against Germany. -The Battle of the Atlantic started in September 1939 and
ended in 1943.

-The mid-Atlantic is where the ships were most vulnerable and where the U-boats could run riot.
-Britain needed military equipment and supplies to survive
the war and so they got help from allies to transport everything in convoys. However, the German navy, mainly with U-boats, tried to cut them off.

-Convoys traveling from North America to Britain and the
Soviet Union were protected by the British and Canadian
navies and air forces.

-Britain ended up winning the battle of the Atlantic. VS Why? (This started) Germany's Luftwaffe attacked military and civilian targets across the United Kingdom (Operation Sea Lion). After France surrendered to Germany, Britain was alone and trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk; needing food and military equipment to survive the war.

The fall of France allowed U-Boats to operate far into the Atlantic from French ports.

Germany estimated that they needed to sink 150 merchant ships each month to starve Britain and if Germany could sink these ships faster than they could be replaced then Britain would have to surrender. Significance
The battle of the Atlantic was important because Allies developed a huge range of new technologies, weapons and tactics to counter the submarine danger. Symbol Question: What do you think helped Britain ? 1) New ships called "corvettes" that were lightly armored.

2) Bad weather.

3) Invention of new planes made.

4) Numbers 1 and 3

5) All of the above. ANSWER: ALL OF THE ABOVE.

1) Corvette's were lightly armored which made them much faster. It was also heavily armed with depth charges and had ASDIC which helps hear submarines underwater.

2) Bad weather helped because submarines could not shoot torpedoes so the merchant ships were safer during storms.

3) The invention of new planes helped because it gave convoys valuable air cover AND since a submarine has to be near the surface to use torpedoes, it becomes a sitting target for planes guarding a convoy. Why? (Britain won) Britain was able to break the enigma code and since they were armed with information about where the U-boats were patrolling, Britain was able to move convoys in safe areas away from the wolfpacks.

Even after Germany changed the enigma code, Britain and it's allies were still able to win because a mass production of Liberty Ships helped by allowing the US to build cargo vessels faster than German U-boats could sink them. This helped bring in new technology, planes, ships and weapons to win the battle. Slipper = Military supplies & Equipment The Grand Duke and Herald= Convoys

These characters are trying to bring the glass slipper to Cinderella

(Convoys are trying to bring supplies to Britain) Stepmother = Germany
Breaks glass slipper so Cinderella can't try it on.

(Germany attacks convoys so supplies won't get to Britain) (The ending of Cinderella) Cinderella = Britain
Cinderella spoils Stepmother's plans & brings out
other pair of glass slipper
(Britain spoils Germany's plans by breaking the
enigma code)
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