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Olivia Irene Gonzalez

No description

JaayKaay Alize

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Olivia Irene Gonzalez

Olivia "Chachi" Irene Gonzalez Chachi? -Born January 23rd in 1996
-Olivia Irene Gonzalez
-born in Houston, Texas.
-the youngest sibling out of 5
-Olivia was the only one with a nickname.
- Her family called her "chachi" because its short for muchachita; which, in spanish means “little girl”.
- people think the nickname came from Scott Biao’s character “Chachi"on Happy Days. How it Began. At the age of 6 years old chachi was enrolled in a studio as a ballet dancer for 3 years straight. By age 9 she went to her 1st dance event were she watched a full-length hip-hop dance crew perform infront of her. "Marvelous Motion" was the name of the group which some of the members became her own teammates in "i.Am.Me" dance crew. When Gonzalez hit middle school her school had offered hip-hop dancing as an actual team. Chachi was hooked with this genre alot of people where surprised when they seen such a young girl at only 11 dance like she's been dancing forever. America's Best Dance Crew Chachi Momma's RELATIONSHIP -2011 it was known that Ian Eastwood (dancer of Mos Wanted Crew) Chachi had gotten together.
-currently still together.
-performances, teaching workshops, and touring together
-2 are probably one of the youngest and most successful dancers of the 21st century. As a 15 year old competing on Americas Best Dance Crew people thought of her as an inspiration because this was the 1st time the world would ever see how great Olivia's talent is. Weeks and weeks gone by during the show by the finale Olivia didn't know what to say, She did it by herself she became a known superstar you could say. The dance world knows her as "Chachi" the ABDC superstar. Although she faced obstacles from people thinking she wouldn't make it because she was young to now kids wanting to Why Olivia is my hero? Olivia Irene Gonzalez is my hero because she's taught all over the world from cities-countries like Russia, the UK, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Slovenia, Poland, and Australia at only 16 years old. She has taught me that I could do/be anything if I put my mind to it. Although she never knew she would be like this.Its like a lesson. WORK CITED: www.chachimomma.com - I.aM.mE stands for Inspire, Motivate, and Energize.
-from Houston, Texas.
-The three founders of the group members, (Phillip Chbeeb, Di Moon Zhang and Brandon Harrell) formed I.aM.mE after Marvelous Motion Crew's broke-up.
-Three additional members, Chachi Gonzales, Emilio Dosal, and Jaja Vaková, joined later after an audition.
-Chachi was the youngest in the group. - Pants devolped by her mom Guadalupe Gonzalez.
- Making tons of money
- Seen everywhere Goal Completed. SHE'S MY HERO, WHO'S YOURS? www.chachigonzalez.com http://en.wikipedia.org?wiki/Chachi_Gonzalez www.worldofdance.com/tag/chachi-gonzalez/
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