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Shopify - A Cover Letter of Epic Proportions - Syed Qadri

My attempt at making the ordinary "cover letter" unique to me.

Syed Qadri

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Shopify - A Cover Letter of Epic Proportions - Syed Qadri

A Cover Letter of Epic Proportions...
Hi, My name is Syed Qadri...
and I want to work for Shopify.
I want to help people succeed

I love working with technology and believe it can change people's lives

I love challenges and new frontiers
I have developed key marketing & advertising strategies based on analyzing website and customer base metrics & statistics by using softwares such as Mixpanel, Google Analytics, etc.
I have been in charge of the company's SEO strategy and execution

SEO has become our
method of customer acquisition in a span of 3 months
Current Job: Incentivibe
Past Job: Siemens Canada
Recruitment contest ~ savings of $2,000,000
Canada's Top 100 Employers Award (3 times in a row)
Country lead for Engagement Surveys
I'm looking for a work environment that instills passion and working towards "game-changer" initiatives.

If given the chance...an interview with me won't be like your ordinary interview.

It will be
: a discussion of ideas and collaboration.
It won't be an ordinary interview...
Partnership Strategies
I have worked on developing key partnerships with e-commerce platforms, market influencers, developers, etc.
I'm considered as a runner and go-getter.

Every job that I have been hired for is because of my passion to learn things quickly and to adapt instantly.
What's So Special About Me?
5 years of experience where I reported to the Senior Management Team & Executives.

While it is considered normal to work on a specific segment within HR, my role was significantly different.
Corporate HR & Communications Experience
5+ years of experience as a Communications Coordinator

I have worked on Internal/External Communication projects for:
Talent Acquisition, Compensation & Benefits, Learning & Development, etc
I wore many hats...
I am
about what I do

to learn something new

to find the answers, even if I can't answer them myself
How Can I Add Value?
Hope to hear from you!

Syed Qadri
(647) 972-4852
Looking forward to it!
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