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Modals of deduction

302 intermediate b1+

Mont Benaque

on 4 May 2012

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Transcript of Modals of deduction

Modals of deduction.
Creative writing exercise
You are the landlord or landlady and one of your tenants has not paid her rent this week. You have not heard her in her room for two days and you are rather worried as she did not tell you she was going to be away . You decide to go into her room to see if you can get any clues about her whereabouts. Being rather a nosey person, you also take the opportunity to find out a bit more about your tenant.
Here is a list of things you found:
A student card
A lot of books about economics
Several empty packets of cigarettes and an ashtray full of cigarette ends
A packet of love letters tied up with a pink ribbon
A picture of a smiling young man on a Mediterranean beach
A 'Teach Yourself Greek' book
A half-packed suitcase
For each item on the list, write a sentence with your conclusion. The first one has been done for you:
1. She must be a student.
Use these verbs (with not if necessary): may, might, could, must and can.
You search her room again a bit more thoroughly and find some more evidence. Once again write down a sentence for each item on the list giving your conclusion about what you think has happened.
Here is the second list:
An envelope with a Greek stamp on it
A fragment of a letter saying 'I'm so sorry... Don't want to hurt you... Don't know how to tell you...'
A ticket for a flight to Athens, today's date.
A passport
An empty bottle of whiskey
An empty bottle of aspirin
Now write your conclusions using the verbs: must (have), can't (have), couldn't (have) and might (have).
While you were sniffing around in her room, you got a call on you mobile phone. It was the police. They told you that they had found your tenant lying on the floor near a park. Fortunately, she was still alive.
She was taken to hospital where she came round and she told what had happened. Her story started like this: 'Two days ago I received a letter from Kostas ...'
Write the story of your tenant. Use your notes to reconstruct what you think it might have happened to her in the last two days. Take into account all the evidences you found in her room and your conclusions. How did she end up unconscious near the park?
Remember to plan your composition thoroughly and organize the information in suitable paragraphs. You can write up to 150-160 words.
Oh, yes.. I almost forgot... USE PAST TENSES.
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