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The History of Eyeliner

Timeline from B.C. to Today!

Skylar Garrett

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of The History of Eyeliner

By: Skylar Lauren:) The History
of Eyeliner When it all started; The 40's Today; The 70's & 80's Also.... Thanks. The Egyptians made Eyeliner to protect their
eyes from the harsh sun, and..well also
for looks, too. XD (10,000 B.C.) In the 1940's most people's faces were clear
of any make-up, because of the war. BUT, Eyeliner was used to draw a black line down the back of the leg to simulate a stocking seam. As the musical variety grew, so did the fashion statements. Eyeliner was used in many of these unique or "Retro" Looks. Let's take MGMT for example. They use Silver eyeliner to simulate there being dust around the eyes making it harder to see their future. And there are MANY more colors other than Silver.(: Today, Eyeliner is used alot in what people would call "Goth" or, "Emo" groups. Most say it is their way of being "Different", Or making a statement against society. As well as the 80's, Eyeliner comes in Blue, Red, Pink, Black, Brown, Purple, Green, Teal, Yellow, and SO MANY MOR COLORS!!!:) It has many other uses, but to accent the eyes is one of the most commonly known to The United States. XD THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!!:) The 60s' In the 1960's Liquid Eyeliner was invented to make "Cat Eyes" easier to apply to the eyes.
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