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No description

bartosz janusz

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of PPNT

The city createt by the people
GDYNIA POLAND This is the story
the passionate PEOPLE
the creative CITY
they love What makes great cities great? We know what makes SHANGHAI great? We want to tell you why Gdynia is
great city,
too. GDYNIA-POLAND-EUROPE 7986.49 km from Shanghai You can be great and distant city Well, in today
global world
distance actually
doesn’t matter
So, what matters then?
What make up great city? You can be great, distant and relatively small city SIZE Does really matter? 250 000 people live in Gdynia GDYNIA
84 YEARS OLD Does location matters?
Is it important
what you can sea? EXPO 2010
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