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Green Marketing

No description

Ryan Arseneault

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Green Marketing

Green Marketing Project Ford Hybrids The Ford Fusion hybrid The Fusion hybrid combines an innovative nickel-metal hybird battery with a 2.5L hybrid engine to produce the most effiecient power for the situation. Up to 47 mph in electric mode, energy derived from braking recharges battery, engine and battery combine for up to 191, component funtion monitoring available. The Ford Escape hybrid The Escape hybrid was the first vehicle to combine SUV capability with the outstanding fuel economy* and low enviromental impact of a full hybrid. Not only does it thrive in the city, but it is easy on the enviroment. Have they been accused of greenwashing No Ford has never been accussed of green washing The green marketing they use is very relevant to their product because they are making people aware of their new and improve hybrid vehicles. Ford motor company has realized that they have to convert their old vehicles to new hybrids. They have change their product to help the company adapt to the new wave of hybrid cars. The way Ford has told consumers about their new cars is by doing commercials that swaps a person's old car for a Ford vehicle that is new. Tyson chicken Their original green campaign was that their chicken was all natural chicken but it actually was treated with antibiotics. They also had questionable slaughtering methods. Tyson chicken has also been in many enviromental lawsuits. Also have been accused of unsanitary conditions for their chickens. They did not do anything to remedy the situation
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