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Copy of maybelline

Beautifying the brand all around the world with maybelline

novi saputri

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Copy of maybelline

TL Williams invented Maybelline
Mascara Vaseline Jelly + coal dust ! 1915
Maybelline Company was created as a
family-owned business 1967
Plough Inc. acquires Maybelline 1971
Great Lash was born with
its candy pink and
acid green tube. 1990
Maybelline acquired by investor group
Wasserstein & Co. 1996
L'Oreal USA, Inc.
acquires maybelline 2000
Maybelline becomes the no. 1
cosmetic brand in the USA 2002
Maybelline becomes the no. 1
cosmetic brand in theworld! 2004
Maybelline officially becomes
Maybelline New York Today
Maybelline NY is available
in 90 countries and can be found
in major mass market retailers Segmentation Youngster 16-25
Office Lady 26-35
Career Women 35+ Maybelline's core target audience of
16-25 year old women Target Market 4 Categories of Product Eye make up
Lips make up
Nail make up
Face make up
Product - Foreign consumer culture positioning
Symbolic NYC imagery that women everywhere can relate to.
Price - Rp 45.000 - 250.000,-
Place - Outlets, mass market, retailing channels
Promotion - Promotional events, Online, Co-marketing, Ads,
Slogan & jingle, upgrading the brand image,
holding contest. Marketing Mix Culture=
A mirror image
between brand and consumer Company Brand
Services Consumer People
Desires Maybelline
Older sister (friend)
who alwasy gives advice,
shows new horizons and help
us get there, yet not too old for fun. Brand molecule:
Maybe she's born with it
New York
Girls having fun, active
Role models, ambition Brand meaning: It helps them get there ..
Help girls get to New York in both tangible
and intangible meaning. Concept !
Core story
Focus on the brand meaning.
Unfold the idea. Global Expansion
Emerging Countries!
Natural product
Non chemical constituent.
Celebrity influence
Brand image
(anti animal testing)
First test marketed in Mature Market (N.A and Eu.)
Mass Market: Drugstores, retail, grocery.
New target segment seniors (age rewind)
More color shades
Whitening products
for Asian market Focus on emerging countries and set up subsidiaries
Chine -- L'Oreal China Co. Ltd
Inda -- L'Oreal India Private Ltd
Mexico -- L'Oreal Mexico S.A de C.V
Indonesia -- PT. L'Oreal Indonesia

Take a famous person in host countries as spokesperson. Indonesia Sherina Munaf Josie Maran
Christy Turlington
Adriana Lima
Erin Wasson
Kemp Muhl
Jessica White
Emily DiDonato USA Ziyi Zhang
Anna Wang
Shu Pei Qin China Brazil Lizalla Montenegro Thailand Janie Thienphosuvan The company Maybelline was named after TL William's sister, Mabel. This woman came out with the unique idea to produce a user-friendly product to darken eyelashes and to sell it on a commercial basis. Well, Mabel was right! Maybelline not only saved lives of hundreds of women but it became a leading mass-market retailer with a rich heritage and bright future. Maybelline is overall associated with color, style and innovation. Being leader in the beauty industry, Maybelline designs fashionable color trends and launches products in the hottest shades. The Maybelline has chosen the spokespersons as their image to bring to life and promote the image of modern, intelligent, stylish and charming women. The name Maybelline is the
combination of two words -
Mabel and Vaseline. Japan India Deepika Padukone Global marketing strategy and.. The process of heading somewhere..
Maybe it will get there.
Maybe means there are opportunites,
it is possible to do and reach what I want! Kurara Chibana
WITH affordably
beautiful Malaysia Siti Nurhaliza Singapore Sylvia Ratonel and many more.. Australia Ruby Rose Korea Kwon Boa novi saputri
leony raharjo
yehuda tanto
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