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The Magic of Math-Muffles Truffles

No description

LaVonda Adams

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of The Magic of Math-Muffles Truffles

Step 2:
Outcomes Step 3:
Review Stage 1
Knowledge and Skills Step 4:
Stay Grounded in the Work Step 5:
Student Behaviors What Students Behaviors are Going to Be Observed During this Unit? Unpacking
Muffles Truffles The Magic of Math Step One:
Define the Topic Professional Reading
"Muffles Truffles" manual pgs. 5-10
1s- Unit overview pg.5-6
2s- Landscape & Big Ideas pg. 6
3s-Unitizing & Distributive Property pgs.6-7
4s- Commutative Property, Place Value Patterns, & Associative Property pg.7
5s-Strategies pgs. 7-8
6s- Mathematical Modeling pgs. 8-10 What Makes This Unit Unique?

What Makes This Topic Important? What do students need to know and be able to do by the end of this unit? Common Core Standards Step 6:
High Leverage Determination
and Assessment Step 7:
Blank Calendar Planning What Do Your Students Already Know?
What Do They Know But Are Not Doing?
What Do We Anticipate Will Be New Learning or Where Students Will Struggle? What Will the Daily Work of Students Look Like?

What Will Proficient Work Look Like? Mathematical Practices What Standard is Our Highest Leverage Standard That We Want to Measure? How Will We Measure Along the Way? Formative Assessments
Exit Slips
Math Notebooks/Journals
Reflective Writing
Thumbs Up/Down
Whiteboards Reading Muffles Truffles Manual
Number off 1- 4.
4s- Days 1 & 2
3s- Days 3 & 4
2s- Days 5,6,7
1s- Days 8, 9, and 10
Summarize the big ideas, take-aways, any A-ha's
Return to the group and share your findings Nancy Stonesifer-Zehnder CHECK IN
Choose a multiplication sentence.
Write your name on the back.
(Hold on to this strip to be entered into the attendance drawing.)
Find the other people that have the same "product" as you.
The person with the lowest "factor" starts first. Then go clockwise.
Share a highlight and lowlight of winter break. Progression Documents
Complete the 3-2-1 Reflection Read through the standards
"2 Cents" Gallery Walk
Using Green, Yellow, and Red Dots Vocabulary Cornell Notes
Frayer Model
Definition Match
Inner/Outer Circle Multiplication Move Choose a multiplication card.
Figure out the product.
Without saying a word, line up in ascending order according to your product. Gallery Walk
Math Congress Big Array/ Little Array Activity Gallery Walk Math Congress I Have...Who Has?
Incorporating The Practices in Your Instruction List the actions you anticipate/expect to see Summative Assessments
End of the Unit Assessments Conferring Notes LaVonda Adams Wrap Up
Attendance Prizes What workshop structures will support students in their learning? What mathematical practices will support students in their learning?
How will you differentiate?

Use learning targets, knowledge and skills, workshop structures to design your whole class learning experiences. Planning Time Use the Blank Calendar to begin planning backwards beginning with the end of the unit assessment.
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