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The Journy of Carl the Circle

No description

Olaf Quzinic

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of The Journy of Carl the Circle

Carl' s grown up
After college Carl sat on his couch at watched football, traveled the world occasionally, and hanged out with his friend Chuck. The End
Carl's new school
After the (war) Carl went back to school. It was okay but Carl wanted to play sports.He put up record breaking stats and went to become one of the NFL greatest players. He retired at the age of 41.After that he went back to college to finish his last two years. He knew all about circles like how circles are 360 degrees and how they have no sides. he learned other stuff too like how circles and ovals are the only shapes with no sides and a half of a circle is 180 degrees
Carl Joins the army.
Carl wasn't that strong but he was very agile. He was the starting running back for the Round Circles. He averaged 300 yards per game. When he was at training camp he became a commander. He was very happy. A couple days later was the war. they will be against the squares. the squares did not like the circles because they had no sides.
War day.
(No no circles/squares injured were in this war.)
The war didn't last long they just decided to make peace(Not really).They learned to deal with each other but they don't like to hang out.
World War Circle.
Two after Carl moved World War Circle started.Circles of all ages were preparing for the War. Men were putting on battle armor and getting their weapons. Woman were gathering supplies. Kids ... they were just playing.
Circle Country
When Carl arrived in Circle Country he was amazed. He never saw so many circles in his life. Life was great for Carl. He had a whole bunch of friends and none of them tried to bully him. Today he went to see the movie Life of Circles with his best friend Chuck. After the movie they went to play XCircle 360. It costs $380
and Carl had $400. $400 - $380 = $20.
Just enough to buy some pizza.
Carl moves away
Where Carl lived every one was judged on their shape. So he moved away to a place where a circle can be a circle. On the plane ride to Circle Country he had to make a couple stops at Square, Triangle, and Oval Country where his cousins lived. He made some friends on the plane. The shapes here were much nicer than where he used to live.
Carl's first day of college was horrible!He started the day off by getting punched in the face by a bully and getting a detention for saying hi to the kid sitting next to him. It got worse at lunch. He had a food fight, every one vs. him! Then at recess the kids were using him as basket ball. He learned that everyone was bullying him because he had no sides.
The Journey of Carl the Circle
Once upon a time there was a circle named Carl. Today was his first day of college. It was the worst decision of his life. His teachers were mean to him and his classmates bullied him. His teachers blamed him for every thing even if he didn't do it.
Carl's Picture
Carl's First day of College
By Michael B.
More Fun Facts About Carl

*Carl has no sides
*He has no corners
*Carl is round
*Carl is 360 degrees
*A circles radius is the
distance from the center
to the edge
*A circles diameter starts at
side and goes through the
center to the other side
*A circle's circumference is the
distance around the edge of

Circle Song
How to find Circumference (C)

(D) x pie = (C)
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