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Prezi University

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Seats2meet.com

more connected employees

This means for you
for you
more innovation power to a company

more members for a cowork location

more entrepreneurial students

a larger engaged audience during your events
Imagine this is your location / organization
Imagine, this is one of your stakeholders
Seats2meet Connect is a complete new program for location owners, organizations and event organizers. Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms our new virtual dashboards and apps connect real-time and location based, people and their knowledge.

Your connected physical (event) location becomes a more relevant spot for people to connect, network, collaborate and grow.
Facilitate growth for your stakeholders to become better professionals
Facilitate organizational growth to become a successful company
By facilitating growth for your stakeholders and your organization, you become relevant as a location and as an organization.

Locations nearby &
People and knowledge
The only way to do that is to connect yourself and your stakeholders in a serendipitiously way with other groups of connected professionals. Seats2meet.com is the software to achieve that.
How to survive in this fast
changing world around us?

In a radius
of 50 miles
1 out of 8 people find a job, an assignment or startup a new venture within 6 weeks in the S2mEco system

60% of these professionals experiences ‘Serendipity’ and ‘personal growth’.

500.000 connected professionals use these locations per year

150 Locations are connected

(2013-2015 survey by the Rotterdam School of Business-Erasmus University)
Metcalfe’s Law states that the
power of a network
increases exponentially as the number of members grows larger.
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