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The American Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July!

Brandi Spelbring-Kilby

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of The American Independence Day

The Fourth of July
What do you celebrate?
Independence day
Food, family, fun
On Independence Day (also called "The Fourth of July"), families and friends all over the country gather to celebrate the independence of the United States of America in their hometowns.
A little history...
Brandi Spelbring-Kilby
hometown: noun

The town where one was born or grew up,
or the town of one's present fixed residence.

The Fourth of July
Where is your hometown?
My hometown:

Dieterich, Illinois

Population: 591
celebrate: verb
To engage in festivities.
independence: noun
Freedom from others

Hello! My name is Brandi
I am married to Russell
We have a dog named Annie
We have lived in The Marshall Islands, Turkey, and China
I like to teach, read, write, play video games, cook, and hike with Russell and Annie.
Who are you?
Activity: Please tell me your name and your favorite hobby.
During the holiday of The Fourth of July, people often cookout or barbeque. People like to eat foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, corn on the cob, and ice cream on the Fourth of July.They attend parades, which celebrate patriotism. Many cities have elaborate fireworks displays after dark.
First, choose a partner.
Next, ask your partner each of the following questions.
Record your partner's answers.
Be prepared to introduce your partner's holiday to the class.
1. Does your home country celebrate a similar
2. What is the history of this holiday?
3. What kind of
do you have?
4. Who do you spend time with on this holiday? Family? Friends?
5. "What is on the menu?" What do you eat during this holiday?
Thank you!
Have a happy Fourth of July!
Thank you for letting me teach you today!
A musical history...

patriotism: noun
love of one's country
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