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One Off Performance Assessment - Higher PE

No description

Morag Carmichael

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of One Off Performance Assessment - Higher PE

Performance Assessment - Higher PE
Higher Performance Assessment CPD
Aim: To develop your knowledge of the Higher Performance Assessment

1. Preparation prior to performance (bookend 1) (8%)
2. One off performance (40%)
3. Evaluation after assessment (bookend 2) (12%)

Total - 60%
Preparation (Bookend 1)
1 (a)
the relevance of two challenges you will face in this single performance (4)

how you will prepare to meet these challenges (4)

These are to be completed prior to the one off performance. There is no specification as to how close to performance they must be completed.

Evaluation (Bookend 2)
3 (a) Analyse the effectiveness of your preparation for the two challenges explained in 1(a) (6)

(b) Evaluate at least one strength of, and at least one area for development from, your performance (6)

These have to be completed after the one off performance.
Higher Performance Assessment Criteria
Performance Assessment tips
For (e) and (f) pupils start with full marks, which you can take off from if they demonstrate negative behaviour.

For (a) to (d), it's best to pick a range and generally that range will remain the same for all 4.

Once you've picked a range, if you are torn between 2 marks e.g. 5 or 6, throughout then it might be an idea to go with 5 for 2 and 6 for 2.

There is a tolerance of 4 (this may assist with internal verification processes).

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