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No description

Yaz Keshaz

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Equipments

Equipments Grandstream Router/ Modem Dlink Videophone Webcam NZ Relay VRS what you need to know
about your internet connection... Slow internet speed is a common problem when using VRS.

Dial-up should not be used for VRS - you will need a Broadband
internet connection.

You will also need a video phone or webcam on your computer.

This presentation will help you choose the best internet connection
so you can use VRS to communicate.

If you need more help email monica@reachnzrelay.co.nz you will need a broadband
connection to use VRS... ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP) what the settings are for your internet account

The minimum internet connection requirements you need are:

• Speed: 256kbps for both download and upload

• Data allowance: make sure your account has a large data
allowance. 1GB will only give approximately two-and-a-half hours
of video calling.
you can test your internet connection speed to see if it is 256kb or faster... what affects my internet speed and how can I increase
the speed of my connection?
Network usage

At different times of day
internet speeds can be
slower because more
people will be online.
TIP: Use VRS at a time
in the day when less
people are connected
to the internet.
Your equipment

A router capable of
ADSL 2+ is best.
Your data allowance

If you have downloaded more
data than your account
allows, the internet speed
might slow down.
TIP: 10GB data allowance
should be enough, but talk
to your internet provider to
choose what account type
is best for you.
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