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Sugar Sugar

An intersting look at why a need exsists to make sure that children are consider when designing a Financial Plan for Parents

james crouch

on 4 September 2017

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Transcript of Sugar Sugar

The BAD News
Cancer is on the RISE :(
Approximately 10 Children a day are
diagnosed with Cancer during EVERY
school day....
STLL Cancer is the number 1 cause of death among Canadian Children
Our Journey
Stuff You Have To Deal With!
Chapter Two
Lifestyle Changes
What Has This Done to our Children? The Perfect Storm!
Chapter Three
How You Can Help
Child Cancer! Is It Really Happening?
The Perfect Combination
Love & Marriage
Child Life & Health Combo Plan
Paid up Whole of Life Insurance at age 30

Increased Protection (40%) at age 15 (Smoker Status Required)

Guaranteed Insurability automatically Included
Reassuring Combinations
Child Life & Health Combo Plan
Critical Illness
Critical Illness Access up to 50% of the face amount of a covered critical Illness
Increased Protection (40%) age 15 at no extra cost
Possible transformation of critical Illness term protection to permanent coverage when the child reaches age 30.
The Family Pet & Insurance?
How Much does cost to Insure the family Pet?
a.. $1,500pa
b..$ 2780pa
d $4300pa
Childhood Cancer On The Rise
..The Incidence of Childhood Cancer
has increased...
...every year for the last 5 Years!
Source Childhood Cancer Foundation -Canada
Source : Childhood Cancer Foundation-Canada
What % of Income is typically LOST by families that have a Critically Ill Child?
is it?....
Remember!....a period of convalescence can last for several years!
Over the past 15 years, Canada has seen a significant increase in:
Obesity and Overweight
High blood pressure
Young Canadian Adults At Risk!
Young People are beginning their adult lives with Multiple risk factors for heart disease
Source Heart & Stroke Foundation
Heart Attack
High Blood Pressure
It used to be thought that the above were diseases of the aging,
this is now no longer the case!
These will translate into an explosion of heart disease
in the next generation!
There are more than 250,00 young
Canadians in their 20s and 30s with high blood pressure

Its almost doubled in 15 Years!..
The Trouble with Fast Food ...
In 1972, we spent 3 billion a year on fast food - today we
spend more than 110 billion
The average child sees 10,000 TV advertisements
per year
Left unabated, obesity will surpass smoking as the leading
cause of preventable death
The Couch Potato Generation

Then ...
Juvenile Illnesses
Nearly one in every 40 children born will develop one of the 30 Illnesses
that is covered by critical illness Insurance before the age of 20!
of all CI Claims are for children aged 0-15
The Difference of the Decades
Was there such a think as a fat cave man?
Are we really the intelligent species?
1. The Car
2. The House
3. The Boat
4. The Jewelery
5. The Cat or the Dog
6. Hockey
7. Gymnastics
8. Basketball
9. The Child
Will the Child Come Last?
The GOOD News
We can beat Cancer :)
America: Children and Type 2 Diabetes...
In the last 15 Years the amount of American Children with Type 2 Diabetes has doubled
1 in 3 American children that were born in the Year 2000 will likely be diagnosed with
diabetes in their lifetime......

Same story is anticipated for Canada
Children & Type 2 diabetes..
Give Financial Support When Its Most Needed.
Parents and Grandparents Can Reduce The Cost of Insurance.
$ 700.00
Average Student Loan
Parents Need Help To Understand Priorities
As Financial Planners, it's our job to remove risk from the Parents Plan...
Lifestyle Changes

High Blood Pressure
Heart Disease
Child Life and Health Combo Plan
A Possible Solution
Two Questions For Your Clients.
Just Ask
Which One of these is More Important?
Have We done all We can?
He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes;
He who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.”?

Pet Insurance
What is the Annual Cost?

Just Saying...!
Age 30..
Child Life & Health Combo Plan $100,000
2 $48.96 (579.12)
4 $51.21 (614.52)
8 $61.29 (735.48)
12 $86.04 (1032.48)

$500,000 Inc $700,00
2 $198.45
4 $204.75
8 $247.50
12 $278.10

Cost Of Permanent Protection Cover at Age 30
30 Male Non Smoker

L15 $172,22
L20 $142.87
L65 $ 99.27

NB with the $40% Increase in Face amount at age 15 (non smoker status confirmed)...
The net increase in family income .. NIFI...
Child Life & Health Combo Plan
Age Range (15days)
O - 20
Length Of Contract
To Age 30
Minimum & Maximum Amount Of Cover
$20,000 - $500,000
Number Of Illnesses
25 Standard + 7 Juvenile
How much CI Is Attached?
Child Life and Health Duo
At A Glance Guide ...
Of the face amount..
+ Prevention Benefits
10% of half the current face amount
Average Car Payment
Average Mortgage Payment
Total Cost
L15 $ 30,999
L20 $ 34,288
L65 $ 41,902

L15 $818.10
L20 $641.07
L65 $452.07

Monthly & Annual Cost ($700,00) Male 30 Non smoker
The Question?
If you had $818.00 pm of disposable income how could you impact your clients financial planning
Thank You For Listening ..
The Protection Conversation is Tough Conversation for Us and Our Clients.
My Parents do not want to consider I might die

My Parents do not want to think that I may get ill

My Parents do not want me to struggle financially

My Parents want me to have a good education

My Parents and Grandparents want a good
quality of life for me and my children

Lets Take a Look at the
Parents Priorities
The changes in our lifestyles over the last 50 years is astonishing!
The "impact" or the "trade off" for those lifestyle choices
How we/you can help !
A storm is coming
We will take a look
Despite a low payout, 89% of future retirees plan to rely on the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) to take care of their expenses during their golden years.
And 31% say they’ll heavily depend on the CPP.
The average amount a recipient gets is just $594.19 a month.
Rapid brain growth
Delayed development
Sleep deprivation
Mental illness
Digital dementia
Radiation emission
Between 0&2 infants brains tipple in size, this continues until the age of 21
Brain Development is determined by environmental stimuli or lack of it!
Stimulation to a developing brain caused by over exposure to technologies has been shown to be associated with.
attention deficit
cognitive delays
Impaired learning
Increased impulsiveness
One in three children enter
School Developmentally Delayed
This Impacts Literacy and Academic Achievement
Movement enhances Learning and ability

Use of Technology is detrimental to
Child development and Learning.
Children who are allowed a device in their bedrooms have a 30% increase incidence of Obesity
Largely due to Obesity, 21st Century Children may be the first generation, many of whom will NOT outlive their parents
Sleep Deprivation

of parents do not supervise their child's technology usage.
75% of Children are allowed
Technology in their bedrooms
Of Children aged 9 and 10 years
are sleep deprived to the extent their grades are detrimentally impacted
Children who
pay attention
High Speed media content can contribute to attention deficit! as well as decreased concentration and memory
The cost of the family pet
The cost of playing sport

The cost of insuring the things we have to insure
Children should be see and Heard!
It is not what you say, but how you say it
Its a beautiful day but I can not see it
What did it mean to him?
Work with your preferred partners
A Case Study!
Lets NOT make assumptions
We all have different needs...

It's a tough gig today!
45%-70 % since 1976
James Crouch
Advocacy Chair

Stuff you Have to Deal with
Take Trixe for her Jab
Oliver at Footy on Sunday
Take the car off the road
for winter
80% of the foods in America have added Sugar

Its as addictive as Heroin

Children will have shorter lives than their parents

95% of all americans will be overweight or obese within two decades

Obesity is government sponsored

80% of the issue could be resolved by changing the lunch programs in our schools

Call To Action
Knowledge Is Power.
Knowledge is only potential power, it is totally useless until it is placed in the hands of someone that can take action
Call to Action
1:Get active in your own way
2:Know Your Client and make lists

3:Build your story and practice your delivery
4:Watch "Fed Up" Use it to your advantage
5:Change your words:Change your world
Focus On Five
What would the world look like
If Animals
started eating fastfood

Big Problem!
James Crouch
Director Of Sales
Manitoba & Saskatchewan
The Healthy & Wealthy Corner
Everybody Can Make it.
Make Some Noise
We may even help with the cost!
Where will you find the Cash?
Cash in Your Life Insurance
Spend Your Savings
Ask the Bank for a loan
Take Money from your
Take money from the
children's RESP
Borrow from
Down Size/Remortgage
Cancel the
family Vacation
Use Your Asset To Protect Your Asset
Annual Premium with ROP funded from your Investments
Use TV & YouTube R&D Effective Adverts
What is your DDD Score?
Simple & Effective

Lets not forget the "grown ups"
Blue is the Colour
Industrial Alliance
For the younger generations..
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