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Silver by Chris Wooding


Ben Walls

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Silver by Chris Wooding

Silver by Chris Wooding
Main Characters
Paul: Paul is the new kid at Mortingham Boarding Academy. What he doesn't realize is the secret the academy holds. He too has a dark secret that nobody knows about.
Adam: Adam is the bully at Mortingham, but in the end he makes good friends with Paul and more. The storyline changes him.

The story starts out with Paul arriving at Mortingham Boarding Academy. He learns that making friends there isn't so easy. First thing that happens with Paul is he gets in a fight with Adam, the bully. He and Adam both get in trouble when their teacher walks in. Sooner or later all of this will not matter. Some kids at Mortingham found some beetles outside the school. They looked a little silver. And when the beetles get lost, a dog, rats, and more creatures get infected by these stranger silver beetles. Even people get infected. Now, kids are fighting for their lives to survive the Infected, or what they call it. They find some trouble along the way but they manage to survive a decent amount of time. Until a helicopter passes their school and lands. Two scientists walk out and introduce themselves.
I think people should read this book if they like thrilling or suspenseful action. This book really had me at the edge of my seat. The age rating would be 12-14. I give this book 5 stars!
The time is present time and the whole place is located at Mortingham Boarding Academy.
The theme of this book is friendship. Even if times are tough, and everyone has the same problem, you can always find a way to solve it together.
Published by Scholastic Inc. in 2013.
Genre: Science Fiction

After they introduced themselves, the kids told them whats going on. But they already knew what was happening. Apparently the infection has spread across the earth, or so the scientists say. The kids' minds were mind blown. Find out what they will do to survive for who knows how long.
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