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capital building of Iowa

No description

Garrett Wilson

on 8 September 2010

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Transcript of capital building of Iowa

CAPITAL BUILDING OF IOWA. full of decorations and serious lawmaking. sections of building. don't lie!!!!! give me money!!!!!!!! There are two halfs in the building,
the senet part, and the represenitive
part. One of the parts burned down but was rebuilt. But the paintings and
art were never recreated. go here or give me money!!!!! gold gross green stuff moo
gold mooving glass more glass hi!!!! When you enter, the security makes you put anything you have in your pockets in a bin. then you have to walk through a security metal detector.
then you get your items back and go inside. In one of the halfs of the building is the senete area were they decide on laws.
you can walk in anytime unless there's a meeting, but then you can still go to the
adiunce seat and ubserve. another thing is the model of a battle ship, it is in a large
glass box. It does look realy life like. Once you walk into the center of the building you are forced to look up
at the american flag at the top of the building. And you can see it's like seven floors above you! Warning!!! this may cause a stiff neck. In part of this awsome place is a huge library it has almost any imaginal book possible. it's awsome. Shopping!!!!! sorry, but there isn't a gift, shop but there is a ton of stores around the building. outside the capital building!!! If your tired of politics there are many musiams in Des Moines.
And don't forget the theme park adventureland!!!
This includes a waterpark. If you don't now your way around the building there are alote of tourguides. Random Fact!!!! did you Know the gold on the dome is less than a half inch thick. Finnaly you can go to the very top of the dome up a long staircase
once there you can look down and freak out!!!!! Bachmurski is not to mess with this prezi!!!!! hi
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