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Prescription Painkillers

No description

Ashley Stubbs

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Prescription Painkillers

Thesis: Prescrition painkillers are very addictive and it is hard to avoid becoming addicted. Why are prescription painkillers so addictive? Prescription painkillers contain substances called
opium derivates which are one of the most addictive
subsances on earth. Why aren't doctors able to stop people from becoming addicted? It is very hard for doctors to monitor how many drugs a person is consuming.
It is also hard to see
the signs of an Addict or if they are really still in pain. Many people believe that it is easy for a doctor:
to see the signs of addiction.
to prescribe a low enough amount to keep them from becoming addicted.
to stop a patient from accessing the drug if they wanted to. Addictiveness of Prescription Painkillers By: Ashley Stubbs Sources: The internet
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