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MKT 317 Vegetarianism

No description

Rachel Donner

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of MKT 317 Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism Who are Vegetarians? Abstain from meat for health, religious, or moral reasons.
Roots from 2,500 years ago.
Hippy? Not necessarily.
Hip and Trendy? Yes.
5% of the population Demographics AAIO Activities Attitudes Social Class Geography Race Ideas Opinions Economic
Environmental Interview Bianca Interview Nick 20 year old Junior from MA
Vegetarian for 6 years
Movie “Chicken Run”
He thinks it is less expensive to be a vegetarian.
LOTS of Daily News - USA Today & CNN on his phone, Boston Globe, Boston.com, NYTimes
Social Media – only Facebook (1-3 times a week) Interview Averi 19 year old Sophomore from CA
Vegetarian for 1 ½ years, gave up red meat two years before that.
Does it for health reasons, not involved in the politics of it.
Makes her feel different from others.
Daily News- CNNSocial Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Marketing Environment 22 year old Senior from NH Vegetarian for 2 ½ years
Doesn’t agree with the way food preparation is done.
Economics - cost of eating healthy, Whole Foods, Trader Joes
Daily News – CNN Homepage, No print (Green)
Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Silk Milk How We Would Reach Our Consumers TV Commercials Commercials on food channels Commercials on childrens channels Magazines Cooking magazines Fitness Guides Internet Social Media The Internet Penetration rate in this nation is 78.3%, the population of Internet users is estimated to 245,203,319 Social Media Outlets Facebook
Company Page: Market products and share information
Consumers can contact us and also give feedback Twitter
Promote new/ existing products
Company can share updates related to the events
Another channel for consumer questions and feedback Social Media Outlets Instagram
Promotion of new/existing products
Pictures of events held by the company Mobile Applications
Food magazines available through apps
Recipe/Cooking apps Thank you! Questions?
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