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Guitar Capo Evolution

The history of the guitar capo

beatrice mititelu

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Guitar Capo Evolution

The Capo By: Beatrice Mititleu
Introduction to Engineering
Period 4 So What's A Capo? A capo is clamp fastened across all the strings of a fretted musical instrument to raise their tuning. Or, beginner guitar players use them to replace playing bar chords. When was the capo invented? The first capo was
invented in the
mid seventeen
hundreds. ^old brass capo (Short for capotasto) Who Invented It? We are not positive of who invented the first capo, but Giovanni Battista Doni of Italy was the first to record the term in 1640 in his work Annotazioni sopra il compendio. James Ashborn of the USA was the the first to come up with a capo-related patent in 1850. What materials were originally used to
make the product? The first capo built was a single piece of brass. How was the capo made? The first capo was a piece of brass which was bent to a C-shape. This capo was slid on the guitar's neck and held in place by the brass piece’s own tension. What Improvements have been made to the capo over the years? Over the years, padding has been added to the capo. Screws have also been added to some versions of capos for easier use. Instead of screws, some capos have handles that bend to allow the user to slip the capo on and off the guitar. Why were these
improvements made? Padding was added to the capo so no damage would be done to the neck of the guitar. Screws and handles were added to make the capo easier to put on and take off. Who uses a Capo? Well, guitarists of course! They use a capo to either change the key of a song, get rid of unfriendly bar chords, or provide variety when playing in a group. Marty ->
a capo:) The History of the Capo 1640: Giovanni Battista Doni uses the word Capo in his work Annotazioni sopra il compendio 1850: James Ashborn, USA was the first person to apply for a capo patent. 1900: Sears sold a guitar with a built in capo 1931: W.H. Russel wa the first to patent the elastic capo, one of the simplest capos of all time 1973: Herbert Bauerfeird from Germany invented a plastic capo. 1978: R. Shubb redesigned the side-clamp capo by adding an adjustable screw to the lowest lever. 1979: Three people, Nichols, Berner, and Fernande patened ‘Trigger’ capos that are held in their place through a spring on the side of the device. 1986: Swany Cornette invented the ‘Glider’ capo. Effects on society and the environment The invention of the capo has made playing the guitar a whole lot easier and more enjoyable for many people including myself. Those who were stuck because they they just couldn't get those barre chords to sound right now have an alternitive method. For those that can play barre chords a capo is still very handy because of the abilty to change the key of any song to suit your voice if you like singing. Therefore, the invention of the capo is a very useful tool for everyone that plays the guitar. The Capo Reference Page:) The poor boy's capo------> http://bit.ly/13BsGBj


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