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1. Ask Us Now

No description

Vicki Palmer

on 13 July 2018

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Transcript of 1. Ask Us Now

Top Ten Things You Should Know About Greenwood Library
1. Ask Us Now
Need help?
We are available by phone, email, text, chat, walk-in, or by appointment.
2. Personal Librarians
Every area of study has its own librarian!
3. Study spaces for
various learning styles
4. Lancer Card
Printing & Check-outs
**Bonus: Remote Printing
5. More than books...
In addition to books, the Library
lends laptops, iPads, and cameras.

6. Research Guides
The Library has created online guides for each subject area.
7. If we don't have it,
we can probably get it.
8. We will come to your class or meet with you one-on-one.
9. We'll help you
10. We're Social too!
Follow Us!
Interlibrary Loan
"You can't eat or drink in the library!"

"The honor code protects you from theft."

"I can get my textbooks for free at the library!"
*. . . sorry, nope.
*. . . actually, you can! Just let us know if you make a mess, please.
*It doesn't. . . please don't leave your gear unattended.

"You have to be quiet in the library!"
* . . . we actually have spaces for both quiet study and noisy collaboration!
"The library is only for class stuff."
*...we support leisure activities too!
Pleasure reading
Game night

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Jennifer Beach
Natalie Browning
Sarah Reynolds
Tammy Hines
Vicki Palmer
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