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019 - Article Two of the United States Constitution

Executive Branch

Tavish Whiting

on 15 August 2015

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Transcript of 019 - Article Two of the United States Constitution

United States Constitution
Executive Branch

Section One
Selection and Requirements of the President
The Chief Executive shall be known as
President and Vice President serve
Four Year Terms
Share terms
Modified by 22nd Amendment - Now has term limit of two terms.
Elected by the
Electoral College
Electors are equal to the total number of senators and representatives a state has
Congress will decide the date of the elector's vote
Modified by 12th Amendment - President and VP run on same ticket
Modified by the 23rd Amendment - DC receives three electors.
35 yrs old
Natural Born Citizen
Live in US for 14 yrs
President is paid
President must take an oath of office
Section Two
Powers of the President
Commander-in Chief
of armed forces
Military and militias
Appoints a Cabinet
Makes Treaties
Appoints Officials
Fills Vacancies
Pardons & Reprieves
Must be approved by Senate
Must be approved by Senate by 2/3 vote
Must be approved by Senate
Only when Congress is not in session
Last only until the end of Congress' session
Only federal crimes
Not for cases of impeachment
Section Three
Duties of the President
Chief Executive
shall be known as
He will give a state of the Union to the Congress at least once a year
Diplomatic Relations
He will send and receive ambassadors
"Chief Diplomat"
Organize Meetings
Call Special Sessions of Congress when needed
Section Four
Removal Procedures
Vice President
All Civil Officials
Executive Duty
He will enforce the laws of the United States


High Crimes and Misdemeanors
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