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Hurricane Rita

No description

Emma Mably

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Hurricane Rita

Worst damage Least damage Hurricane Rita Louisiana Texas Border Winds reached 175 mph as it tracked north west it brought the hurricane force of the storm 150 miles inland. The border between Louisiana and Texas suffered the most. At its peak intensity Rita's minimum central pressure reached 897 Mb (unit of atmospheric pressure equal to 1000th of a bar. Standard at sea level is about 1013 millibars a.k.a Mb) Its reached this peak on Sept 24 2005 Eye of hurricane Rita Wind speeds reached up to 175 mph and it was rated a category 5 hurricane when they only expected it to be at most a category 3 hurricane. Go to usb now :-) Deaths and casualties Wind speed and category rating Hurricane Rita's deaths and casualties remains uncertain because there's no one responsible for defining and counting hurricane-related deaths. For example, the storm barely touched Houston, but may have killed more than 100 residents of that city. Some short term effects Include; major flooding and house/building repair of everywhere Rita hit.
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