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Mike Knox

No description

Taylor Marx

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of Mike Knox

April 18, 2017
Texas Government
Houston City Council:
Mike Knox is a native Houstonian. He married his high school sweetheart and they have one son; who now serves the city as a Houston Police Officer. Knox obtained an Associate of Arts
What is it?
Influence in Office
Mike Knox
Houston City Council At-Large: Position 1
Taylor Marx
Mike Knox
HOA Member
Precinct Chair
Small Businessman
Main Important Issues

- achieve budget reform
- make infrastructure
-bolster public safety
The Houston city council is responsible for:
How does it effect me and my community?
The Houston city council at large position 1 deals with......
What power does it have?
"I am continuing to work on budgetary issues, transportation and infrastructure issues along with reforming pension plans for city employees."

-Mike Knox
-enacting and enforcing all ordinances and resolutions
-the appropriation and issuance of bonds
-awarding of contracts and the approval of City expenditures over $50,000
-determining its own rules of procedure
(Also may lease or dispose of the City's real estate and may levy assessments against property)
-adopting and possibly altering the annual budget and confirming the Mayor's appointments
The city council is a group made up of 16 elected officials
called "council members". Eleven of these members are elected
from districts and five were elected at-large. These sixteen members
of Council, along with the Mayor, act only by ordinance, resolution or
 “I am pleased that we are addressing this important public safety issue in our City.  Panhandling in streets is dangerous to both panhandlers and motorists. I applaud Mayor Turner and my council colleagues for taking this important step towards making our City safer.”
-Mike Knox (on the approval to the amendment to prohibit panhandlers from the City’s medians)
-water bills
-city fees
-public transportation
-toll roads/ EZ tags
-trash pick-up
-city shelters
-driver safety course
-handicap parking
-property tax rates
-street light outages
-chamber of commerce
Houston First Corporation requests statements of qualification from experienced architects capable of creating an iconic, uniquely-Houston design for a 260 square-foot space and two ancillary information booths at Hobby airport to be developed as a Visitor Information Center.
degree from the Houston Community College and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Houston – Downtown while working as a Houston Police Officer. In 1995,
Gangsta in the House; Understanding Gang Culture
, by Knox, was published. He served as a Board Member of the Houston Police Patrolmen’s Union and chaired the HPPU Political Action Committee. Shortly after publishing his book in 1995, Mike began a consulting business focused on helping law enforcement, schools districts, and communities understand and deal with street gangs and violent youthful offenders. Mike has a deep interest and investment in Houston and believes Houston City Council deserves a dedicated servant.
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