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Adverbs That Compare

No description

Marina Clarke

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Adverbs That Compare

Adverbs That Compare Pablo's mother spoke louder than he did. Adjectives and Verbs Review What is a verb?
What is an adjective? Adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs.

answer the questions: Adverbs That Compare Adverbs end with -er when comparing two actions:

When an adverb compares three or more actions, we usually add -est to the end of the adverb:

When an adverb ends in -ly, we place more or most in front of it to make comparisons: Examples Two Actions Adverbs That Compare Three or More Actions Identify the verb and adjective in this sentence: Amy bakes delicious cookies. Amy bakes delicious cookies. What questions are these adverbs answering? Yesterday, I ate a taco.

There are papers everywhere in the hall.

Taylor nervously ate the cookie. Where? When? How? How often? How much? When? Where? How? Some adverbs compare actions, which is what we are focusing on today. Before we talk about adverbs that compare, let's review. Example from Jalapeno Bagels: Which word is the adverb? Pablo's mother spoke louder than he did. Louder ends with -er because it compares two actions. Which two actions are being compared? Word fast faster fastest soon sooner soonest Jacob moves quicker than me. Jacob moves quickest of all his friends. Jacob moves more quickly than me. Jacob moves most quickly of all his friends. rapidly more rapidly most rapidly creatively more creatively most creatively slow slower slowest Using Adverbs that Comapre in sentences Janet waited _________________ than her little brother. ( patientest / more patiently ) Our class ran ____________ than Ms. Clay's class. ( faster / most fastly ) Antonio spoke __________ of all his classmates. ( softest / more softer ) When? Where? How? Of all the dancers, Tasha moves __________________. ( gracefuller / most gracefully ) more patiently faster softest most gracefully Small group activity

Work individually on "Adverbs That Compare" when not in small groups
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