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Political Media Awesome

8th grade research project

summer devlin

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Political Media Awesome

Political Media The investigation of our government
that keeps us informed and free Diplomatic Cable Leaks Over 250,000 Stolen communications between the
US and 274 of its embassies world wide. documents published by Wikileaks reveal "the contradiction between the US's public persona and what it says behind closed doors" Ranging from 1966 to February this year 15,652 classified secret
101,748 classified confidential
133,887 unclassified Began to be released on Sunday, November 28, still in the progress of publishing - Wikileaks personel, cablegate page Cablegate Affect: Afghanistan leaks endanger soldier's lives Diplomatic leaks endanger
world relations "Illegal disclusure of classified information" -Hillary Clinton "The September 11 of diplocmacy" "An earthquake centered in Ankara" -Hurriet -Aksam -Prime minister Silvio Berlusconi "...revelations of third or fourth-tier functionaries..." an "amusing read"

"President Regan gave us a much harsher rating when he called our country 'the evil empire'" -Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Leaked documents annonymusly submitted to the electronic drop box. They are checked for truthfulness An article is written about them, and the actual document is also submitted for comparison They are published on the web Pentagon Papers Pentagon Papers principle taken to extremes
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