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Universe Theory timeline

No description

Angie Ramirez

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Universe Theory timeline

Universe Theory timeline
Flat Earth Theory
Date: 1st Century B.C.
Scientist: Ancient Egyptians
Summary: Earth is flat. If a ship sailed far out to sea, it fell off the edge of the Earth; disappearing hull first, followed by topsail. Also, the Bible states that angels guarded the four corners of the Earth, implying that the
Ptolemy Universe
Date: 2nd century
Scientist: Ptolemy
Summary: Ptolemy, Roman astronomer & mathmatician universe consits entirely of Earth & surrounding celestial bodies. Sun, moon, and stars all revolve around Earth.
Heliocentric Theory
Date: Early 1500's
Scientist: Copernicus
Summary: Heliocentric theory- the sun is the center of solar system. Not accepted by the Catholic Church, so dropped for 300 years until Galileo. States that Earth rotates on its axis & travels around the sun.
Kepler's Universe
Date: Late 1500's
Scientist: Johannes Keppler
Summary: German mathematician. Planet orbits elliptical instead of circular. 3 Laws of Planetary motion- Planet travels fastest when it is closer to the sun because of gravity.
Friedmann Universe Theory
Date: 1922
Scientist: Alexander Friedmann
Summary: Universe began with a big bang, followed by expansion then contraction and an eventual crunch. Universe has an outside boundary, or is "closed. Based on Einstein's general theory of relativity.
Big Bang Theory
Date: 1927
Scientist: Georges Lemaitre
Summary: The Big Bang is the currently accepted as the scientific theory that is most consistent with observations of the past and present states of the universe.
Oscillating Universe Theory
Date: 1930
Scientific: Albert Einstein
Summary: Suggests the universe is eternally expanding & contracting, each beginning with a big bang and ending with a big crunch.
Steady State Theory
Date: 1948
Scientist: Bondi, Gold & Hoyle
Summary: Universe is the same at all times. No beginning (no Big Bang), no end. Unchanging. Though it expands, matter is continuously created to keep the density of space the same throughout.
Anthropic Principle
Date: 1973
Scientist: Brandon Carter
Summary: Universe designed specifically for the existence of man by incredible series of coincidences. Humans exist because ALL the variables for that occur some how, impossibly, happened.
Inflationary Theory
Date: 1979
Scientist: Alan Guth
Summary: Extension of Big Bang Model. A period of very rapid expansion of the universe followed by slower, more gradual expansion.
No Boundary Theory
Date: 2007
Scientist: Stephen Hawking
Summary: Universe has no beginning and no end. Both time and the universe have always been and always exist." Time is a direction in space, such that the past is simply another place in time as, is the futur
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