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Where are all the Donna Drapers?

Vizual Wizard Prezi Design for the 3% Conference

Goliath Digital Studio

on 22 June 2013

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Transcript of Where are all the Donna Drapers?

Where are all the Donna Drapers? Women are: Leading adopters of technology
Leading users of social media
Majority of gamers Women on Social Networks More Usage, More Influence Have you heard? 54 2.4 55 6.0 55 0.2 57 7.7 57 46 59 2.5 61 0.3 64 2.2 64 27 64 1.4 64 3.6 68 3.2 64 4.7 How BIG an opportunity? Yet Why? Women control Women influence = even more influence over shopping process in consumer spending $18.4 trillion of the world's $13 trillion 20% + have veto power over remaining of household spending decisions 80% Narrowing wage gap + rising femaile employment beauty + cleaning products of women feel that brands 71% only consider them for 73% feel advertisers don't understand them Outdated misconceptions about this ever-changing market

Listening via one-way mirrors instead of real-time channels

Only 3% of ad creative directors are women Men watch more TV + are online more, so easier to advertise to The Truth... 20 something women make $1.18 to a man's $1

The majority of working wives will out-earn their husbands in the next generation Independant of income or ownership, women control most of spending in the HH 72% of women work, whether mothers or not Men earn more so they spend more Women, especially mothers -- don't work Common Misconceptions Women watch 4 hrs more TV/wk than men; 17% more Internet usage Focus Groups Are Out. Real-Time Media Is In. Twitter Letting brands listen in on real conversations, real-time: 20% of tweets reference brands

Giving brands ability to offer what women value most: live help + outstanding service

Connecting women thought-leaders + giving them a megaphone to enlighten others Now you know the market. Let's Look At The Marketer Only 3% of advertising creative directors are women

Only 4-9% of VC funding goes to women MadMen not a quaint time capsule Everyone: Learn The Basics of Marketing to Women Make it human What Needs to Change? Agencies: rethink where work is being done Speak up about poor diversity at your agency

Don't hide your femaleness as a liability: showcase it as an asset

Learn to present with confidence

Mentor other women Clients Men In Agencies Get comfortable with discomfort

Hire, promote and champion women

Rethink what defines breakthrough work Demand female representation on your account

Rethink your demands: this isn't the ER Women In Agencies only 4% of HH fit June Cleaver blueprint Show diversity Practice story-selling show her perfectly imperfect life Don't sanitize earn the right Don't "enter talking" "we" not "me" Think collectively show people, be relational Start a dialogue with your clients Audit yourself how quickly + Women + men graduate from portfolio schools in equal numbers

Women thin from the ranks in reproductive years

Other factors: award jury gender bias, vampire hours + bragging rights, lack of mentorship 3 Important Caveats Why stuck at 3%? Women don't automatically do it well Marketing to women won't alienate men #1 3% Men CAN market to women masterfully Blind Trust The Birthday Gift Test

Doing business with people "like us"

Buying campaigns you like instead of that your customers will like #2 #3 20-something women Women rule the social web yet are absent from the boards of Twitter and SVP positions at Apple ? ! ? !
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