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Navigating the Interview

No description

Andrew Crain

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of Navigating the Interview

Navigating the Interview
Understanding the Job Market
Before the Interview...
Interview Basics
Social Media
The University of Georgia Career Center
Class of 2013:
Original hiring projections (Fall 2012): +13%
Revised hiring projections (Spring 2013): +2.1%
Most In-Demand Degrees
Desirable Skills (in rank order)
Employer Feedback
UGA Career Center Survey Data
What basic skills do new graduates often lack?
"Prepare to answer behavioral based and situational based interview questions."
"Lack of strong communication skills (verbal and written)...small things like dress professionally in the interview, make eye contact, ask follow up questions, and be engaged."
"It's advisable to spend time conducting mock interviews with friends and family - preparation is key."
"Know your resume inside and out and be able to draw on accomplishments or projects in complete end to end detail."
Source: Recruiter from Merck (jobipedia.org)
What basic skills do new graduates often lack?
Google Yourself!
Check out top results, images

Consider ways to improve results
80-90% of employers report using social media to screen candidates

Consider content and communication style, not just images

Review your privacy settings!
Assess Your Digital Brand
Preparation is Key!
Get Connected!
Update your profile with the following:
Recent resume information
Relevant "Summary" and "Skills"
Know the Employer
Employer Research
Look for opportunities to demonstrate your research during the interview:
Recruiters who cite EMPLOYER RESEARCH as a major weakness of UGA students.
What is "Employer Research?"
Learn about...
Qualifications and Duties of the Position
Company Culture/Values
Products and Services
Industry Trends
Key Players/Stakeholders
(Realistic) Salary Expections
"When I am interviewing a candidate for a position, I want to know that they have an understanding of how my company makes money. Basically, do they have an understanding of how this position impacts the bottom line?"
- Campus Recruiter, Marsh
When responding to questions, show the interviewer how your qualifications "fit" with the position, company, industry, etc.
When asking the interviewer questions about the company, incorporate your research.
Additional Resources:
Sample Resources:
Glassdoor.com, Salary.com, Factiva, Hoover's, Google, Company Website, The Wall Street Journal, etc.
State a Fact, Ask a Question.
Know Yourself
What are your...


What is necessary for you to be happy in a job?

What are your "deal-breakers?"

Be Realistic

Set Goals and Objectives

Job Search Weaknesses:
What is working and what is not?
Interviewers Will...
Gauge relevant experience, interpersonal skills, and enthusiasm

Get to know the candidate

Probe for detailed information

Determine "fit"

Sell the job and the company
(according to NACE Job Outlook 2013)
"I used an effective elevator pitch...."
Students: 75% agree
Recruiters: 55% agree
UGA Career Center Survey Data
"I presented a professional and well-groomed appearance..."
Students: 100%
Recruiters: 89%
"I effectively expressed interest in the employer/position..."
Students: 86%
Recruiters: 67%
Tips for Success
Be on time...BE EARLY!

Professional behavior at ALL times
- Be aware of support staff
- Forms of address

Body Language
- Handshake, tone, posture, eye contact, etc.

Project Confidence and Enthusiasm

Be Yourself, Be Honest
- "Would you be willing to relocate?"

Practice! Practice! Practice!
Percentage of communication that is nonverbal
Interview Structure
1st Interview
2nd Interview
Interviewer asks questions
Candidate asks questions
30 minutes - 1 hour
*Interviewers often decide in the first few minutes whether they are going to consider a candidate or not!
First-Round Interviews
Phone/Skype Interviews
Smile and speak with confidence
Tone and posture
Have notes nearby
Dress to impress?
Find a quiet place free of distractions!
Second-Round Interviews
Several rounds of interviews
Likely same questions asked repeatedly
Site visit/company tour
1 hour - 8 hours
*May involve meeting with upper managers or multiple stakeholders!
Second-Round Interviews
Expect more technical and behavioral questions

Group Interviews

Technical or Personality Assessments

React to all interviewers equally

Bring references/requested documents

Be prepared for an offer
Interview Questions
Traditional Questions
"Tell me about yourself."
"What are the biggest things that motivate you?"
Behavioral Questions
Past behavior predicts future performance

The STAR Technique can help you respond:
- S - What was the SITUATION?
- T - What TASK were you focusing on?
- A - What specific ACTION did you take?
- R - What was the RESULT?
* Don't forget the RESULTS! *
Behavioral Examples
"Can you share with me a situation where you used your analytical skills?"
"Have you ever failed at something?"
Common Interview Blunders
Blame poor performance on past bosses, co-workers, companies, etc.
Discuss personal facts that have no relevance to your qualifications.
Appear overly eager to discuss salary, benefits, vacation time, etc.
Show poor body language: posture, eye contact, gestures, SMILE!
Display nervous ticks
(i.e. playing with change in your pocket)
Distort your responses by slurring, mumbling, or speaking too quickly.
Have answers that are too long (or too short):
50/50 rule
Fail to adequately answer the question you're asked.
Interviewing the Interviewer
What type of training program/orientation does a new employee receive?

What is the typical career path in this position?

What specific skills or personal characteristics do you believe are important for successful performance in this position?

What in your company/corporate direction do you view as most important?

What are the next steps in the hiring process?
State a Fact, Ask a Question.
Thank-You Notes ASAP
Follow-Up Dates
- Email vs. Hand-Written?
(example notes in the UGA Career Guide)
Terry College Career Consultants
UGA Career Center, 706.542.3375
Turn to a neighbor and share a story where you have demonstrated one of these skills. Each person has 1 minute to discuss their example.
Source: Recruiter from Merck (jobipedia.org)
Navigating the Interview:
Getting Started
UGA Career Center!
Megan Flora
Economics, Finance, Music Business
Michelle Carter
Laura Garcia
Management, MIS, International Business
Andrew Crain
Marketing, RMI, Real Estate
Job Search Checklist
In order to land your interview, you should...
__ Have your resume critiqued

__ Schedule a mock interview

__ Research hiring trends and timelines

__ Begin searching 3-6 months in advance

__ Utilize DAWGLink

*LinkedIn is a great way to create a "positive" presence online!
"Tell me about a time you worked successfully in a team."
"What are your short and long-range career goals?"
Utilize Your Research!
"Why are you interested in this position?"
Your Turn!
Turn back to your neighbor and practice again the stories you shared earlier. This time, consider the STAR method and remember to discuss results!
The Kauffman Tire Manager in Training program is designed to develop experienced sales and management professionals into successful retail managers. Through this program, candidates will be able to learn our business from the ground up and comprehend everything that running a successful store entails.

• Previous sales/management experience in a retail setting
• Dedicated to delivering great customer service
• Excellent motivator & team player
• Strong communication skills

Management Trainee
Sample Job Description
* Conduct a mock interview with a career consultant, friend, or family member

* Practice online with the UGA Career Center's "Optimal Resume" system:
UGA Library Resources
UGA students who use 1-2 resources for employer research
Learn LinkedIn:
Social Media:
January 15, 3:30 - 4:30 pm, MLC 101
February 13, 3:30 - 4:30 pm, MLC 102
ituation -
ask -
ction -
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