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Gavin Mayernik

No description

Ms. Davis

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Gavin Mayernik

Lilly Diuble by Gavin Mayernik
My Goals
Small Goals:
To improve my handles
Get a 99 Overall in MUT 16
Become NFL Player
Who is Lilly Diuble
Why is Lilly Diuble inspring to me
Lilly Diuble is known for fighting blindness and deafness

Lilly Diuble was inspired by her own blindness and deafness

Lilly Diuble is special because she cares about others/selfless.
What makes her a HERO
She fights blindness and deafness. She helps other people because of her heart, not because of all the moneys.
Why did I pick Lilly Diuble
I thought it was cool that she fights blind and deafness for OTHER people, not just herself.

Real reason: I couldn't do Steph
How can I be driven to success like her?
She overcame not being able to see or hear by starting an accosiation to help kids like her.

I am not sure about smaller goals, but she did achieve her goal of fighting deafness and blindness.
Age: 12 years old

Hometown: Manchester, Michigan

Job: Student
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