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Copy of An introduction to Simryn Gill

No description

Mel Thomson

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of An introduction to Simryn Gill


Born in Singapore in 1959. She was raised in Port Dickson, Malaysia and educated in Jaipur, India and the United Kingdom.

Moved to Adelaide from Kuala Lumpur in 1987.

Lives and works in Sydney and currently divides her time between Sydney and Port Dickson, Malaysia
“…subjecting found objects, books, local materials and sites—each of which carry specific meanings and histories—to a range of processes including photographing, collecting, erasing, casting, tearing, arranging, stitching, rubbing, wrapping and engraving”.
Russell Storer.
The displacement of objects within her work echoes the journeys of people.
are gathered
for their ability to evoke history

“Movement across the globe, migration of people and vegetation, both enforced and deliberate, if not the subject of her work is certainly a link”2 .

While not a unique story, resettlement is part of Gill’s individual and familial history. Her parents originally moved from India to Malaysia prompted by the range of human predicaments, from political and economic upheaval, through to adventure and marriage.

Gill finds discarded man made and natural objects

shifts them

Rearranges them with seemingly endless patience, craft and grace

Communicates something about how the object has come into being.
What does she
with these objects?
Simryn Gill
This is a quest for
of place

Gill tells the story
of histrories....
of journeys......
The End
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