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Save the forest!

No description

Lukas Lazdauskis

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Save the forest!

Chareprter 3 END.
The Friends of Earth given petition for Christopher and they need to very,very,very much people to sign this petition.All the friends helped Christopher to sing petition.And he gatheared all signs.He given petItion to Major of this town,And he decided to save the forest so Christopher saved forest.
About book
This Book is about guy Christopher and Aylesworth forest.
Christopher parents and friends
Chapter 1
Cristhoper didin't want to cut off forest,so he wanted to write to BBC Channel One.They accepted his letter and he traveled to London to BBC.He said in Tv and He asked for people help.And one Company Heard Christopher.It was Friends of the Earth company.
Save the forest!
Slides Create Lukas Lazdauskis
Christopher dad was not very tall.He had black hair and brown eyes.He wore glasses and had serious manner,Christopher mother was a chemist at Barkers.Christopher friends and acquaintances,Micheal,Brenda,Mrs Wiffin and Ricky.
Christopher didin't like school,And he get bad report,and that report need to take to his parents.His dad was very angry,when he saw the report,so Christopher rode whit his bicycle to forest.When Christopher came tho forest he saw a 2 men,they was surveyors.The said to Christopher that forest is sold so they will cut the worrest.
Chapter 2
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