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Family law in china

No description

Marco Canavati

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Family law in china

In china they have a family law that you can only have 1 child because Chine is over populated with around 1.357 billion people. The earth has around 7.125 billion people living in it so 1 out of 7 people in the world are chinese.
Family law in china
"Thanks for listening"
Chapter 18 pg.122
"My mother did not bind them, since i was sold so young. But the girls feet i will bind, the younger girls feet i will bind"
The reason i chose this quote is because even though Wang Lung doesn't care about the girls, this shows that O'lan does care because she wants her children to look good and she will do anything for her doughters.
Quote #2
in China they also have another law which lets you have another child but that is only if your 1st born is a girl and only 53% of a part of China has that law because they value boys more for labor and work and stuff. But there is another 37% which the 1 child policy is strict. If you break this law you will have to pay a big amount of money.
Another law
The way that this affects Wang Lung is that he has 5 kids! And he's only supposed to have 1 and sometimes 2 but he lives in the outside but then he moved into the city is when problems might be starting to get here.
How does this affect Wang Lung
Quote #3
Chapter 7 page 48:
"It is only a slave not even worth mentioning"
I chose this quote because it shows how important it was to Wang Lung to have a baby boy because he thought like almost every other dad that lived in china that girls where less valuable than boys.
Quote #1
In conclusion I think that the family law in China affects lof things but i also think that it is a correct law because China is overpopulating and I think that most countries would do the same thing but I think that the biggest way this affects families is that not only will the child have no brother/sister to grow up with but it might also affect the families that have 2 or more children because they will have to pay a giant fee also they might take their own child from them and that is something that is unfair.
Chapter 24 pg. 175
"When Wang Lung remembered that the other man was his own son, he was filled with a vomiting sickness"
The reason that I chose this quote is because it shows that Wang Lung and his son didn't have the best father-son relationship and what this has to do with the family law is that i think that the family law they have in china affects their relationship because Wang Lung knows that he might loose his son so he Probably thinks that if he doesnt get too close to his son then he wont suffer pain if he losses him.
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