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Hispanic Cultural Healthcare

No description

Yasmine Garcia

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Hispanic Cultural Healthcare

Hispanic Cultural Awareness
Methods of Treatment
Garlic: antibiotic and cough syrup
Passion Flower: anxiety
Sage: prevent hair loss and diabetes
Aloe Vera: (External) cuts and burns (Internal) immune stimulant
Special Symbols, Books and Religious Practices
Major Health Concepts
Themes that evolve around the concept of Hispanic's major healthcare are integrating physical, spiritual aspects, possessing mental health and orientation towards their family.
Beliefs in the Causes of Illness
Hispanic beliefs in the causes of illness are when sins are committed, fright and evil eye.
Response to Pain
Many Hispanics pray. When managing pain, they believe that "one should be strong."
Beliefs and Practices Surrounding Births
Avoid "hot" foods, shrimp and fish to avoid giving birth to a child with bad body odors.
Avoid greasy foods to aid the production of better breast milk.
Stay active
No pain medications: not good for baby
Bright clothing worn: better attitude and intelligence given to baby
Types of Traditional Healers

Their treatments involved a variety of different rituals based on purification, spiritualism and repentance.
Cross, rosary, images of saints and of the Virgin Mary


Attending Church
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