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Children of the Holocaust

No description

Amy Frazzini

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Children of the Holocaust

Children of the Holocaust Augusta feldhorn Eva Beem Luciano Fano Samuel Hiller Natan Abbe Amy Frazzini 8b 10:40 EVA BEEM bORN: HOLLAND 11 yEARS OLD bEFORE Nazis: Eva had a younger Brother.
Her father was a high school teacher.
After Nazis: Eva's parents sent her into hiding. her and her brother were sent to live with a catholic family.
She was given a new name and identity, but the nazis figured out jewish children were in hiding and Soon denounced her jewish. In 1944, Eva was sent to Auschwitz where she was murdered upon arrival. AuGuSTA FELDHoRN born: Austria 11 years old Before Nazis: Her father was an accountant.
Her family started a men's hat factory. After Nazis: Her family tried to escape to France but was turned back at the border.
Her family sent her to a covenant to live, which is where she remained until liberation.
In 1945, Augusta was liberated, however her father was killed at Auschwitz. Luciano Fano Born: Italy 11 years old before Nazis: After Nazis: Luciano had a sister, Liliana, who was two years younger than him.
Mr. Fano worked as a pharmacist. Luciano and his family was arrested on December 8, by the Italian police.
The Fano's, 850 other Jews, were sent by cattle car to death camp. Luciano and his family were directly taken to the gas chambers. Natan Abbe Born: Poland 16 years old before Nazis: After Nazis: His father sold hats, gloves, and other accessories.
His home town had a major textile industry.
He was moved into an overcrowded ghetto.
There were very poor living conditions. Not enough food, or medicine, or heat. Natan was shot dead by a German soldier at the ghetto gate. samuel Hiller Born: Poland 4 years old before Nazis: After Nazis: His mom was a saleslady and his father was a merchant.
He lived in third largest city in Poland, which had a population of 60,000 Jews. He was sent to live with a Christian woman.
Both of his parents were killed. Samuel was liberated and was raised by his aunt.
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