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love jovel

No description

Nitish Thomas

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of love jovel

Hi Jovel,
"Marriage is not a ritual or an end. It
is a long, intricate, intimate dance
together and nothing matters more
than your own sense of balance and
your choice of partner... " Binson Varghese "You are my best friend and for past three years you were there for me in my high and low times and i know you would be there watching my back just like a big brother.
Marriage is a biggest leap in life let this event bring happiness prosperity and love filled life for you. Leo Joseph Be my friend forever!! Jobin Mathew I am so glad to witness you and ansa getting married. I am sure that God will shower you both with abundant blessings ahead; so be united in love with God forever. I wish you both all the success in your journey of never ending love...happy married life Jovel & Ansa... Lydia Joy Heart filled wishes on your wedding. Hoping the best for you two, today & forever.. Wishing you both a very happy married life...
God bless... Abin Dear Jovel,
I really wish n pray that you always keep on smiling
N make others smile too..
All the best.
Fijo Francis reply remaining Jemson Mathai Dear Jovel, you are one of the most honest person I have ever met, always helpful & caring for others. A wonderful leader. Thanks for being always there to help me out.
As you enter your & you phase of life with Ansa, may God bless you both abundantly. Have a happy & blissful married life ahead. You will always be in my prayers. Raul NP "A generously expressive and
courteous amigo." Jenifer Kasmir Hey wishing you & Ansa a very happy & blessed married life. God bless you two with his abundant grace & blessings. May you both prosper in the future & always. All the best. Savio Jose "Hey JO, hope you live a presidential life at home after marriage too and hoping not to see you do the dishes instead at your wife's command. Happy married life !! " Nitish Thomas still pending JOVEL
ANSA Linto Joseph Be as humorous as your now for the whole life time & bless the world with your innovative joke. Jino John To my dear dearest friend... On this prosperous moment i wish all the best for your future life living with your lovable wife....Wish u a happy married life.... Joselyn Joseph One of the most humble person ever seen. A good leader, good friend to everyone & a person with great sense of humor. Keni Sebastian You are a great leader & a great inspirer of talent.... May you have a happy life ahead! Merin Mathai Wish you a happy married life buddy, you been a very supportive and sweet friend from the day we became friends and had a great time being in your company.. Poncy Paul Dear brother wish you & your wife all the best for the life that you are about to beign. I hope that you both build a wonderful life together. your's loving sister. Wilfy Xavier Jovel, you are such a wonderful personality to be admired on. Its your will power and faith on God that led you to overcome all the challenges and marry your girl. I will surely share your story to all the youths who are in love and are in the path of marriage. Wish you a happy married life. Have a good life ahead.... Sebastian Michael Julie Mathew Pinto Thomas "Love is an ideal thing, marriage a
real thing."
"A happy man marries the girl he
loves; a happier man loves the girl he
marries." -

Happy Married life Jovel .... You have a great leadership quality and you are a very good speaker .... You can make any1 smile with your epic sense of humour ... Thanks a lot for playing a 'senior/mentor' role in my life .... Love you bro :) Smija James hi Jovel/Towel/plee /Jo...
hmm u were a wonderful bro and a good friend for me ,am proud to have u in my life. And I believe beyond doubt that you will have a wonderful and a happy married life...All the very best for your future
Srijit Nair thinking Sejo Jose Jovel, my friend, my brother.
You are about to enter the most important phase of your life and I pray that you have a blessed married life ahead. No sentimental stuff coz this is not the end of our friendship. Take care bro
Ditty Varghese Having Ansa as friend is an excellent example of friendship in itself.
She is compassionate, genuine, sincere, hardworking, intelligent and beautiful. Her wonderful sense of humor has always kept me amazed :P many will agree with me...

Although our lives have taken
different paths, she is still very much a part of my life. Our time together is limited now that she is engaged, but in my mind I always know she is only an e-mail or a phone call away at any given time.

I miss all the times we spent together, all the crazy chit chats , our BE project, will cherish all this throughout my life. To be frank I still can’t believe she is getting married this early.. :P

Wish you all the best for your future..

I hope you don't forget us.
Auxilin Fernando
Ansa..I remember the first day i saw you were so adorable n elegant and you are still the same...God has chosen a perfect person for you who suits u in every way. Always keep smiling dear!!
Bency Francis I know Ansa for almost 20 years, ma childhood friend. She is a very sweet and loving person with a pleasing smile on her face at any situation. A beauty with brains. May god bless you both with all the happiness in the world.
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