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Beyond the Ooh's and Ahh's

Combining Learning Theory with New Technology to be Effective, Not Just Cool

Audrey Willis

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Beyond the Ooh's and Ahh's

Beyond the Ooh's and Ahh's Combining Learning Theory with New Technology to Be Effective, Not Just Cool Welcome! Media Growth Over the Last Decade What did we miss?... Any relevant theorists you would like to share? Ms. Audrey Willis Mr. Patrick Cate St. Joseph's College
12/7/12 How do they learn? Will they learn? Did they learn? Learning Theory Students Today Assessment Agenda How do they learn? Will they learn? Did they learn? Retention Triangle Students Today Net Generation Vision of Student's Today Assessment Make it relevant according to generation and theory Transfer Learning Theories Constantly Connected Multitasking Instant Gratification during learning of learning need to grab attention... and engage audience the Self and Senses Chickering Vygotsky Piaget Tinto Super Erikson Holland Perry Arnett Kohlberg Gardner Marcia 2000

2.7 hours per week online

100 million daily Google searches

12 billion emails sent daily

12,000 active blogs

0 iTunes downloads

0 tweets per day on Twitter

0 YouTube videos seen daily

0 hours of YouTube videos uploaded every minute

0 people on facebook 2010

18 hours per week online

7 billion daily Google searches

247 billion emails sent daily

141 million active blogs

10 billion iTunes downloads

50 million tweets per day on Twitter

4 billion YouTube videos seen daily

35 hours of YouTube videos uploaded every minute

600 million active users on facebook For the U. S. General Population Tech we use Angel Blackboard MS Office Internet browser SCAN Campus Cafe MaineStreet Adobe Connect Big Blue Button (BBB) Moodle Google Hangout/Google Docs MyWeb Services/Portal CampusVue WPOnet Internal database Facebook Banner Jenzabar Shared/Public Drive Twitter Linkedn Skype MapWorks (early warning system) Noel-Levitz Texts Smartboards QR codes Camstasia CallEmAll Clickers Turning Point YouTube Lib Guides Wiki Captivate SmartThinking Ask Online
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