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Urban Studies. Sustainable Cities: Lyon

Plan to improve the sustainability of the district of Lyon in combination with Agenda 21

Pierre Grangé

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Urban Studies. Sustainable Cities: Lyon

SUSTAINABILITY IN THE 1ST DISTRICT OF LYON Collecting Data In order to make this plan for the sustainability in the 1st district of Lyon, we decided to collect some data about the environmental quality of the area, about the traffic and the public installations in the area, and about what people thought of the area. Environmental quality of the area In order to evaluate the environmental quality of the 1st district of Lyon, we based our survey on 7 features (Landscape quality, Presence of derelict land, Litter and Vandalism, Atmosphere, Footpaths and Pavements, Noise, Air Pollution), each marked out of 5, giving a total score out of 35 for each site. We proceeded to this survey in 6 sites ( Hotel de Ville, Place des Terreaux, Rue d'Algérie, Rue Terme, Rue des Capucins and Boulevard de la Croix-Rousse) Results Hotel de Ville: 24/35 Main problem(s): Landscape quality
Place des Terreaux: 21/35 Main problem(s): Lanscape quality + Noise + Footpaths and pavements
Rue d'Algérie: 21/35. Main problem(s): Landscape quality + Litter
Rue Terme: 23/35. Main problem(s): Landscape quality + Litter + Atmosphere+ Footpaths & pavements
Rue des Capucins: 18/35. Main problems: Landscape quality + Litter + Atmosphere
Boulevard de la Croix-Rousse: 31/35. Main problem(s): Noise
Average score: 23/35. Main problems detected: Landscape quality + Litter & Vandalism + Quality of pavements and footpaths. Traffic and Public Installations In order to evaluate this criterion, we counted the number of vehicles during 5min, the number of pedestrians during 5min, the number of public bins, public telephone boxes, public lightning, low and high order shops in the area. We proceeded to this count between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. in a period of vacation. Results What do people think of the area? In order to obtain people's real thoughts about the area and the quality of life in the area, we interviewed two passers-by: an 18-year-old woman, a student living in Vaise, sitting near the fountain of Place de la Croix-Rousse, waiting for her friends, and a man in his 40s, who works as a bookseller, living in the 1st district, reading in the quietness of the patio of the Museum of Fine Arts. Their answers The 18-year-old student How does she appreciate the Quality of Life in the area?
Cleanliness: 4/5
Public Safety: 4/5
Street Lightning: 4/5
Public transport: 5/5
Noise: 3/5
Friendliness: 4/5
Main problems: Noise
She is not aware of Agenda 21. The bookseller in his 40s How does he appreciate the Quality of Life in the area?
Cleanliness: 5/5
Public Safety: 5/5
Street Lightning: 5/5
Public transport: 5/5
Noise: 3/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Main problems: Noise, Air Pollution
Not aware of Agenda 21.
To improve the Q of L, he suggests an adjustment of the prices (in terms of real estate particularly) and more shops in order to create a better economy; Then, what do they think of the area? Both are happy with the quality of life in the area. It should however be improved on the level of noise and air pollution. None are aware of Agenda 21 in the area. What are the main problems of the 1st district of Lyon in terms of Sustainability and Quality of Life? Noise Air Pollution Litter and Vandalism Grassed spaces How to solve the problem of noise and air pollution in the area Footpaths and pavements A pedestrian centre (following the example of Bordeaux) Hotel de Ville. Pedestrians:190 Vehicles:20 P.L.B.:8 Street lamps: 31.
Place des Terreaux. Pedestrians:156 Vehicles:46 P.L.B.:14 Street lamps:40 H.o. shop:5 L.o. shop: 9.
Rue d'Algérie. Pedestrians:86 Vehicles:22. P.L.B.:6 Street lamps:6 H.o. shop:1 L.o. shop:8.
Rue Terme. Pedestrians:20. Vehicles:13. P.L.B.:4 Street lamps:7 L.o. shop:7
Rue des Capucins. Pedestrians:31. Vehicles:20. P.L.B.:3 Street lamps:10 L.o. shop:7
Blvd de la Croix-Rousse. Pedestrians:338. Vehicles:80. P.L.B.:7 Street lamps:24 H.o. shop:3 L.o. shop:12. Reduce the numbers of motorized vehicles in the area How to solve the problem of landscape quality and air pollution in the area BUDGET FOR ALL THESE MEASURES Plant trees and lay grass on the newly pedestrian area and build a vegetal wall. Initial expanses:
*Parkings around the centre: EUR100,000.
*Tramway extensions: EUR200,000.
Total: EUR300,000. Income:
*Public transportations:at least EUR1.80/person therefore appr. EUR26,000/day.
*Parking lots: EUR2/vehicle/hour therefore appr. EUR30,000/day.
Total: EUR56,000/day. Effects on the quality of life:
*Less noise.
*Less pollution and less offensive odours.
*Creates employment (parking lots).
*Less obesity (people walk).
*Better pavement quality. Costs:
*Trees: EUR600.
*Lawn: EUR30,000.
*Gardeners: EUR9/employee/hour then appr. EUR12,200/month
*Machinery and maintenance products: EUR500.
*Vegetal wall:EUR250/m2.
Total: EUR31,100 +EUR12,200/month. Income: EUR 0. Effects on the quality of life:
*Creates employment.
*Less pollution.
*Better landscape quality. How to solve the problem of litter and vandalism in the first district. *Install more public litter bins with the possibility to sort the waste.
*Install more dog litter bags dispensers.
*Build one wall dedicated to graffitis and street art. Costs:
*Dog litter bags dispensers: EUR2,000.
*Public litter bins: EUR3,000.
*Building of the wall (employees+materials+ tools): EUR30,000.
Total: EUR35,000. Income:EUR 0. Effects on the quality of life:
*Less offensive smells.
*A change in the mentalities.
*A better respect of the environment.
*A development of street art. From the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable development, Transports and Housing: EUR150,000. From the European Union: EUR60,000. From the Rhône-Alpes Région: EUR40,000. From the Rhône département: EUR30,000. From the local taxes: EUR40,000. Budget needed: EUR295,200 for the first month The awareness campaign A campaign shall be launched in order to spread the word about this program. On Twitter: via the channel @LyonCommuniques On Facebook: via the pages Lyon and Vie à Lyon. In the newspapers:
"A nous Lyon" and
"Lyon Capitale".
EUR5,000. In the streets:
thanks to an advertising company.
EUR10,000. Donation estimations Total raised:
EUR320,000. IMPACT OF THESE MEASURES Another face of the 1st district Changes in people's mentality A greener Lyon New employment New inhabitants A better economy A better ecology A more social approach of life A better quality of life following the rules of sustainable development
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