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Ancient West Africa

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Joshua Valente

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of Ancient West Africa

The three cities that we have choose were important to trade in West Africa between a.d. 1000 and 1500 were Timbuktu, Niani, and Gao. Timbuktu was important to trade in West Africa because it has many cross roads and trade routes. Niani was important to trade because it controlled the rich trans-Sahara trade routes.Gao was important to trade because it was one of the major trading cities in Africa.

Gold, salt, ivory, copper, cattle, honey, dates, and cloths were commonly traded in North and West Africa between a.d. 1000 and 1500. The items most commonly traded were gold and salt. These items became so widely traded because those items were important and useful to them. On our annotated map we would show these items on our map by putting a picture of the item on the city where it was commonly traded at. Trade networks initially developed in West Africa because trade routes were good and there was a lot of resources.
Ancient West Africa
By:Khameelah, Joshua,Daniela,Brenda,Areona, and Viollette

History and Geography
The origin of Ancient Ghana is uncertain. According to legend, oral history, and stories past down by griots; the empire of Ghana began with Dinga. Dinga was a handsome foreigner, who had many wives and kids. He had to kill a goblin, and marry the goblins beautiful daughters. His offspring became the ancestors of the ruling Soninke clan. After he died, his son, Dyabe, deafeted his other brother Khine, and started the empire of Ghana. The empire thrived with strong military alliances and sources report 200,000 man army. Ghana began to fall when Al Mosavids Berbers began to constantly raided and eventually sacked Koumla in 1076. King Sumanguru over took Kowhbi from another Sohikra King in 1203. Meanwhile, Mail was gaining power.

The Empire of Ancient Ghana
Mansa Musa was the emperor of the empire of Mali. Mansa Musa traveled to the holy city of Makkah, and on his journey to Makkah he stopped at city's and handed out gold to people. He did this because he wanted everybody to know about how rich Mali was. In our annotated map we would locate Mansa Musa in Mali.

The addition traded goods were gold, salt, and slaves. Things that were exchanged along the trade routes were slaves, cultures and many other things. The trade routes affected the cultures and people by introducing them to new things.
The Berbers live in mountains ,dessert regions of Morocco. they also live in tents , clay huts and stone houses . The Berbers make their living out of growing crops , they also do pottery making and weaving cloths . islam treated the people with african religions in a very slowly ways because they had different religions and they had to accept their culture.

A Griot is a west African historian,storyteller,praise singer,poet and/or
musician.A traditional Griot could do everything from recounting history,doing
music, teaching, to acting as diplomats, not every Griot does all these things.In
west Africa's culture of the mande people, most villages had their own griot
and it was usually a man.Griots were an important part of culture and social
life of the village.Timbuktu has a unique position where the Niger River flows Northwards into the southern edge of the Sahara Desert.During Golden Age of Timbuktu books were written,imported and copied.In 1469 Sunni Ali Ber
conquered Timbuktu.Under the Askia dynasty,Timbuktu proposed intellectually,
till Morocean invasions.Prince Askia Muhammad rehabilitatel the city,brought
back support, and Muslims scholars.

The Empire of Ancient Mali
The empire of Mali began with the battle of Karina, which became the fall of Ghana . The fall of Ghana, according to legend, says that King Soman Guru and Sundeiata Keita were both magic. The lion's king army got a roosters claw and shot it into King Soman Guru's shoulder. His shoulder started to bleed a lot, and soon he left. Soon Sundeiata Keita became king of Mali which had one been the past of Ghana. Then moved the capital to Niani. The empire thrived when armies extended the boarders of Mali's empire. Then the king expanded trade in all directions of the empire. Less than 100 years, after the battle of Karina, Mali had become the most powerful kingdom in Africa. By the 1300's Mali was 3x larger than Ghana. Mali began to fall when its empire started showing poor leadership: it was too big to control and parts of the empire started to break away. Attacks by bordering forces: invaders weakened the empire then eventually claimed Timbuktu The rise of Songhai had begun when Mansa Musa, the king of Mali, died in 1337.
The Empire of Ancient Songhai
Songhai began when Mali began a slow decline after the death of the last strong king, Mansa Musa in 1337. Songhai built on the tradition of Ghana and Mali. The founder of Songhai is Sunnis Ali, he divided the empire in to provinces. Songhai thrived because it was divided into five provinces each led by a governor. Under Askia Muhammad all governor and judge were Muslim. They also counseled the emperor on important issues. Songhai fall because the sultan of Morocco wanted West African's gold, he sent an army with 3,000 men to Songhai. The kingdom of Songhai was weak and the Moroccan army destroyed Songhai.
History and Geography
The city of Timbuktu
History and Geography
Africa has vast and varied landscape made of shifting sand dunes, rain, forest, sweeping savanna, large desert and coastal plain. In North Africa has a small coastal area, some savanna but mostly Sahara desert area. In West Africa has a desert, dry grassland,wet grassland, and small rainforest, and some long river.
The Ghana Empire
The Mali Empire
What Ghana used
to look like.
Where Ghana
was located.
Where Mali
was located.
What Mali
used to look like.
The Songhai Empire
The Niger River
In Timbuktu there are muslims with full education and knowledge they use the books of old times as what they like to call gold. Timbuktu can be spelled in many ways, it has the population of 54,453 people in 2009 so far . Timbuktu is the nation of Mali .The city’s golden age in the 15 and 16 century proved that the ground for scholarship of religions, arts, math and sciences what it meant was that they are the smartest people in timbuktu and other places . Timbuktu was found in the 11th century, the Tuareg Connected with the Niger by a series of canals .
The Senegal River
The city of Gao
The City of Niani
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