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No description

Dremayne Tanaka

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Business

Buying an object and finding out that you have been overcharged
A man and wife go out to buy their son a $50 R-C car. The next morning he checked his bank account to make sure it went threw and found out he had been charged with $100. He has the reciept and dosen't know what to do.
Buying something in a box
A woman is running for her christmas and forgot the christmas tree at home. She rings up the local tree salesman and asks for a 4 ft christmas tree. When she picks up the tree she didn't inspect the package. She arrives at the venue to find that the tree is too big to fit in the venue.
By Cody and Dremayne
- state the problem clearly
- provide details and dates
- don't use emotive language
- state how and when you would like the problem resolved
- don't forget your contact details
Here is an example

No refunds allowed with credit cards.
You buy a game that is on sale with your credit card, it says above that all games work, it also says no refunds allowed unless paying with cash. You take your game home and when you open the case, the game is broken. You go back to the store and you ask for a refund. The cashier then says sorry but you paid with your credit card, and the sign says refunds for cash only. So you ask to see the manager but he isnt at the shop.
Solving the problem with a letter
Problems that people have with purchasing items.
A man baught a pair of jeans on eBay on the 15th of August. He was expecting them to arrive within two working weeks of his purchase. It is the 6th of September and his jeans have not yet arrived. He was expecting them on the 30th of August. He dosen't know what to do.
Buying an object online and it dosen't arrive
Solving the problem online
Step 1: You should contact eBay to report this, under ''Item Not Recieved or Not As Described".
Step 2: Contact the seller about the issue
Step 3: If the seller doesn't compromise, take the isssue to the authorities
Step 4: Let them handle it and learn from your mastake

Solving the problem with a phone call
Step 1: Call your bank and initiate a reversal of the fraudulent charges.
Step 2: Call the police and report the theft
Step 3: Call the business owner and explain what happened, If the manager isn't involved in it, he or she will likely be very interested to find out what your server did.
Solving the problem
Step 1: Ring up the salesman and ask for an exchange
Step 2: Exchange the trees
Step 3: Recieve/give the difference for the trees.
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