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GoldTech Business Plan

No description

Shakir Muhammad

on 31 July 2015

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Transcript of GoldTech Business Plan

Business Plan

Our company will provide high quality services and products to our clients.
We plan to introduce our product to new clients with unique solutions.
Bring our client up to date with NIST Standards
Continually, research new ways to protect and patch our clients information.
Company Objectives
The world is becoming more digital and as the world progresses, so we need to protect against technological attacks.
We are already on the market and Sony is advertising our product.
We have patented a gaming system anti-virus and NICs and trademarks on our name, GoldTech™ and our logo.
The Products and Services
Security Admin implements network interface cards.
Phase 1: Assessing the Situation
Security Engineers, and the Information Security Analysts find and log vulnerabilities in the system.
Phase 3: Stopping a Problem
VLANs are put into action than employees are assigned to VLANs based on department.
Phase 4
All services and actions will be logged by the Security Engineer, the Computer Security Incident Responder, and Information Security Analysts.
The Marketing Strategy
Strategic alliances:
Bowie State University
Booz Allen
We will meet with our clients face-to-face.
For our Manufacturing operations, we manufacture our own network interface cards (NICs). We also use OpenVAS, and Switches.
We also use our NICs to create VLANs.
For people we hire, we employ, software programmers, network engineers, and hardware maintenance.
However, ethical hackers are in need to be hired into our company.
GoldTech's Chain of Command
Our product is unique because we provide superb service, for a low price and we defend against the attack at first sight.
The product can be priced competitively due to a somewhat limited staff but efficient staff.
We provide services for Sony, protecting sensitive information.
Patching is not a substitute for vulnerability management!
Any Questions?
Who We Are
Good Morning!
Think about this:
What if there was a spiderweb that could catch and eradicate all of your problems? Something the would detect the issue as soon as it surfaces? Or a spider that could find out the source of the breach?
Founded in 2013.
We are a small cyber security firm who specializes in unique solutions for our clients. We are also network interface card(NIC) manufacturers.
We have patented an anti-virus software for multiple game systems.
Our HQ is located in Los Angeles, CA.
Currently we have 50 employees.
Mission Statement
This company was founded in an attempt to protect information of the client with a low-cost, high quality service solution.
The cards will begin acting in unison, creating the backbone for the VLAN being built by the Security Architect.
Once the vulnerabilities are found and the company is notified.
VLAN building process starts, and scanning tools are installed into the VLANs.
OpenVAS scan is started and will continue daily.
OpenVAS can scan entire systems and will be used to check on the VLANs.
After malware is eradicated, GoldTech Information Security Analysts hunt down the source of compromised data and destroy it.
Any malware of any form of malicious data caught in the cloud will be documented by the Computer Security Incident Responder.
VLANs will act as "spider-webs' for hackers as well as external business partners.
Phase 4: Record Results and Expand
After services have been executed they will run for 2 months with manual services provided.

Meet with client to decide what should be automated
Ethical hacker check the network for vulnerabilities
Phase 2: Starting the scan
Open Vulnerability Assessment System (VAS) is a framework of several services that offers a variety of benefits.
The actual security scanner is accompanied with a daily updated feed of Network Vulnerability Tests that make sure everything works well.
All OpenVAS products come completely free and feature-rich.
Full Scan
Scans network, server, and web applications for vulnerabilities.
Our Solution for YOU
Ethical Hackers
24 Hour Protection
Complies with NIST Standards
Feature Rich
Full Scan
Every department will have restricted access
GoldTech Annual Revenue Chart
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